School Fundraising Activities the Creative Way

Article by Rebecca Beckett

School Fundraising Activities the Creative Way – Sports – Golf

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School fundraising can provide a difficult road. It is very hard coming up with new and unique ideas instead of falling into the trap of the typical fundraising activities like wrapping paper or magazine sales. Use these fun ideas to spice up your fundraising this year.

Candy SaleWhile it might be one of those fundraisers that are done very often, most candy fundraisers do provide a pretty good profit. Perhaps you can spice up this fundraiser by getting personalized wrappers or by getting a great variety.

CarnivalHave a school carnival. This can be a great rallying event for the school and the community. It can be a very large event that can raise a lot of money in one quick shot. Plus, it will really raise school spirit by getting the community together and having them help the school.

School Cleanup or Engraved BricksIf your school is undergoing construction or even if you just want to decorate the school in a different way this can be an interesting fundraiser for you. Engraved ceramic tiles or bricks can be a really fun way for people to feel tied into the school. This gives people the opportunities to really leave a mark on the school. If it is something they can go back to time and again they are going to get excited about the idea.

Garage SaleWhat a fun way to not only get rid of stuff but to raise some money for the school By having families donate money to the school for a garage sale, community members can help out the school and get something fun out of the deal. This event also has the potential to raise a lot of money depending on the items donated and the volume of items you are able to get.

FlowersThis can be a great idea especially before holidays as a great way for people to buy gifts. Events like this work well before mother