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If you’re planning on becoming a licensed vocational nurse, you’re probably wondering which of the LVN schools to choose. But that may not be the problem you face when it comes to nursing school. Your challenge may be getting accepted. Now, if you’re in a rural area or small town, and you don’t want to move, your choices of which LVN school to attend may be quite limited, because there may only be one that’s close enough to where you live. But in most medium or large cities in America, prospective nursing school students usually have more than one school to choose from. In some of the biggest cities they’ll have several.

When it comes to LVN schools, the more there are in your area, the better. That’s because nursing education is strictly controlled in each state, more so than other majors, because it’s a medical field. Finding qualified nursing instructors can be difficult, and can limit the size of the classes offered.

Most LVN schools have always had more applicants than places for them, and the problem is just getting worse. That’s due in large part to the economy becoming more and more focused on health care, with other sectors not as prosperous as they recently were.

Which means that more and more people are applying to LVN schools these days, making it much tougher than it used to be to get accepted into a program. Will new LVN schools start opening up? Yes, you can bank on it. If they don’t, America’s already critical nursing shortage will get much worse, and the government can’t let that happen. But until more schools start opening up, it’s best not to set your heart on one particular school. In fact, you should probably apply to several just to hedge your bets and be on the safe side.

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