What To Know About Different Types of Essays

Article by Jordan Kavoosi

An essay is a piece of writing that discusses or describes a particular topic. An essay can be written to state personal opinions, persuade opinions of others, describe an object or just to report a specific information. There are several ways on how to write an essay. Described below is what to know about different types of essays:

1. Descriptive essay- A descriptive essay gives details about something. It may describe how an object looks, behaves, tastes or sounds. A descriptive essay may also be written to describe how something happened. Descriptive essays are written to provide details about an object.2. Definition essay- A definition essay defines a particular term. However, the definition is not restricted to the dictionary definition of the term. A definition essay is written to explain the term in details.3. Compare/ Contrast essay- A compare and contrast essay is used to discuss the similarities and differences between two objects, people or concepts. A comparison essay is written to describe the similarities between two objects whereas a contrast essay is written to describe the differences between two objects.4. Cause/ Effect Essay- A cause/ effect essay explains why an event took place and what the result of that event was. This type of an essay studies the relationship between two or more events. A cause essay is written to describe why some event took place. An effect essay is written to describe what happened after the event occurred. 5. Narrative essay- A narrative essay consists of the narration of some event or a series of events. It usually tells a story. A narrative essay is written in a conversational style in the first person voice.6. Process essay- A process essay explains how something is done. A process essay is in the form of step by step instructions that describe how a specific task can be done.7. Argumentative essay- An argumentative essay is written to persuade the reader’s thoughts. It consists of arguments that can convince the reader.8. Critical essay- A critical essay is written to perform an analysis of someone’s work to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the work. It can be written about another essay, a book, a poem, a piece of art or a movie.9. Expository essay- An expository essay is an explanatory essay that consists of a description of some subject. 10. Reflective essay- A reflective essay is written to reflections or thoughts on some topic which is generally of an abstract nature.11. Imaginative essay- An imaginative essay is the one in which one’s imagination plays a main part. 12. Classification essay- A classification essay is the one in which things need to be arranged in different categories and explanation of the category follows thereafter.

To write different types of essays successfully, one needs to know peculiarities of each essay type including the structure, exactness and the way of presenting the essay. The three main considerations before you know how to write an essay are as follows:

• What is being written about?• Who is the target audience?• What is meant to be conveyed in the essay?

When these things are understood, the write can create an effective essay with the best style.

For more information on different types of essays, one can search the internet as various essay writing teams provide help and guidance on such services.

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