The Greatest Educational Toy – Leapster Explorer

Article by Claire Deleorm

The Most Advanced Learning Tool for Your Child Will Teach Whilst Entertain At The Same Time

LeapFrog, one of the top toy brands today, has done it again with the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game System. This educational, handheld device is every kid’s best friend as it gives them lots of entertaining games to choose from while being educated in a fun and engaging way.

This fantastic game console is great for children from four to nine years old. They will easily have fun while they learn new skills because of the high technology features this amazing gadget offers.

LeapFrog produces toys that are focused on three major aspects of learning, such as reading solutions, educational gaming, and informative applications. Every toy that comes from this influential company is guaranteed to provide educational play time for children, assuring parents that there is such a thing as purposeful gaming. LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game System is a toy innovation that is perfect for uniting both the parents’ desire to keep their kids learning and the childrens’ constant longing of more play time.

The Leapster Explorer game library contains more than forty games and informative activities, complete with learning applications that can be downloaded from LeapFrog’s website, accessories that can be easily upgraded, and online access to other applications that feature more gaming options and greater rewards for more enhanced playing and learning experiences.

This game system’s physical characteristics feature lively colors (comes in both Leafrog green and pink) and light curves that make it easy to hold and enjoy. Graphics with greater resolution are displayed in its 3.2 inches touch screen. Its high technology processor allows it to run video, flash, three-dimensional graphics and the amazing animations. This modern toy gadget also comes with an expandable 512MB memory already to allow bigger storage for more games and applications. Every LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game system is also automatically equipped with high-tech accessories such as USB cable, learning application download card, and a pet game.

A wide array of entertaining and educational games can certainly be enjoyed by children in this game system. There are games that involve solving math problems, enhancing spelling skills, and sharpening reading abilities, and so on with various game applications. LeapFrog’s educational tool is a foolproof way to let kids continue their learning even outside the classroom setting. Toy Story characters are there to help them practice reading, Mr. Pencil guides them in developing their creativity, and NFL RushZone is sure to make children improve their mathematical skills. Aside from these, Disney Princesses, Toy Story 3, and Penguins of Madagascar’s e-books can also be viewed in this state-of-the-art gaming devices, just to name a few.This handheld device can also be used for connecting to LeapWorld online, where they get a chance to build a world of their own and let their creative juices flow. It can connect to the online Learning Path, a great feature that monitors the youngsters’ progress in the various learning games they enjoy playing. This way, parents can keep track on which subjects their children need to learn more from.

LeapFrog’s Leapster Explorer Learning Game System is undoubtedly the best handheld game that does not only entertain children, but most importantly, helps them gain knowledge while having fun outside the classroom.

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