How Extraminds Works for Education?

Article by Peter Potter

These school children accessing the Internet for reference resources to supplement their academic studies cannot be termed anything else other than e learning practice. It is an evidence e learning practice and is a rising trend among the school going populations every day. Passive acquisition of knowledge resources from the Internet is an easiest way to supplement their academic studies as they can choose from vast resource as the web which is a repository of all human knowledge available in digital form. Interestingly, a Search engine search for a few search terms brings up a wealth of pages and it is well known fact that not many go deep down beyond the first 10 results to examine the veracity. A few may go further for a second or third search with a new set of search terms. If the search terms are academic and well construed by the seeker you are saved from the reference of pages that have been treated for SEO and SEM. But otherwise search will lead to stumbling upon these very pages which have business promotional material where facts and words may have rejigged to serve ulterior motives. Passive acquisition of knowledge resources without understanding these faultlines can lead to pitfalls of acquiring improper data and facts, but its contribution to the process of e learning is beyond doubt.Social networking sites, popular, command high membership among school and college students. They are the most active demographic group on these networking sites in India. They have the leisure time more than anyone else to be on these networks. This group has a need to network with others within the society among their age group which helps them to undertake the process of discovery, learning, and fulfill their pent up curiosity. Being in the learning mode during their academic pursuits they have the grasp and interest to know more and learn more. These popular sites however do not provide the avenue of using e learning tools and comprise more utilities of leisure again which do not add anything to their positive personal traits. But their ability to instill intense informal interaction is worth admiration.Examine the benefits of social networking and free education tools as some ideal mix. It presents us with an huge opportunity. It will enable us to bring the demographic group together on a social networking platform and provide various academic and extra-curricular e learning tools and online education video as an utility on this platform. That can serve the very purpose of this group. How well it would serve free education if there were expert chat support on these sites for interaction and clarification. Such Indian social networking sites could bring about collective learning of subject matter, developing different perspectives, better understanding all at the comfort of homes.

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