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Creative writing essay just like any other type of essay should demonstrate the student’s skill, creativity and mastery in the writing of creative essays. It is therefore essential that students are empowered with the skill of writing creative essay for their class work and assignments. A creative writing essay follows the format of a custom written essay where the essay is divided into three segments. The introduction has the topic being introduced with a slight mentioning of the ideas and the thesis statement with which the creative writing essay will be focused on.

The introduction segment should give the readers an outlook of what the original creative writing essay will be focused on. It is therefore important that the student selects a topic that he/she is comfortable covering. It is also important that the student selects a topic that is informative and worth writing about. A topic that is too shallow will not have sufficient information and a topic that is too broad will not be exhaustively covered The topic is therefore the determinant of the content of the creative writing essay and students should therefore take time before determining the appropriate topic to cover in their creative essay.

The next important segment is the discussion segment. This is main part of any creative writing essay. The content of the selected topic is indicated in this segment. The main ideas are presented followed by sub points and supporting ideas. It is therefore essential that students research the work they are to discuss in the creative writing essay before embarking on the actual writing of the essay. Clarity and cohesion are important in the writing of the creative writing. Ideas should smoothly and swiftly flow from one paragraph to another. Each main idea of the creative writing essay should be done in such a manner that it represents a single sensible and clear paragraph.

The last but important segment is the conclusion paragraph. It should indicate the way to closure. It is an indicator of the end of the creative writing essay. Essays that abruptly end without an indicator are incomplete. The flow should begin from the introduction and logically wind down to the conclusion.

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