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Tips on writing a good lab report

A lab report is a combination of both research and persuasion. After conducting a research or an experiment the students are required to prove their hypotheses using data. Typically, a lab report has seven sections; the title, introduction, abstract, materials and methods, results, discussion and literature cited. In a lab report the title reflects the factual content of the paper while the abstract gives the reader an idea of what is contained in the paper. After writing the abstract and the title, the student should then write down an introduction defining the subject of the lab report. When writing an introduction in a lab report, the student should seek to explain why the study was performed, the knowledge that exists on the subject and the specific purpose of carrying the study.

In the results section, the student should summarize the data from the experiment using tables, figures and graphs. The lab report is not complete without a discussion and a literature cited sections. In the discussion section, the student should interpret the data and furnish the reader with existing knowledge and theories on the subject. It is also important to note that when writing a lab report always italicize scientific names, avoid using the first person, avoid using contractions and be consistent in the use of tense.

Writing a good lab report is challenging

As earlier indicated, when writing a lab report, a student is supposed to use persuasive language, factual contents and show mastery in communicating.

One of the hardest sections when writing a lab report is the discussion section where the student is supposed to interpret the results and explain the logic that allows the reader to reject or accept his or her hypothesis. This is a very challenging task as it requires the reader to have a deeper understanding of the subject. In addition, the writer is required to have extensive knowledge on preexisting studies and make suggestions for improvements. This is why if you need a good lab report then it is always good to engage the services of a professional who will walk with you during the entire process.

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