Cell Phone Jammer Become a Good Tool in Education

Even cell phones are forbidden in many schools. Students are never afraid of that and use cell phones at school surreptitiously or barefacedly.

What if students bring cell phones to school? Would the method below be effective?

“Personal technology must be OFF (not on vibrate or silent) and CONCEALED during the school day. Students in violation of this policy will have their personal technology confiscated. The first time it is confiscated, a student can pick it up from the office at the end of the school day. The second time it is confiscated, a parent must pick it up from the office between 8:40 and 4:40 pm. Student are not permitted to text or call individuals inside or outside of the school at anytime during the school day. Individuals outside of the school building (such as parents) are not permitted to text or call a student at anytime during the school day.”

Obviously, it’s not easy to carry out.

Don’t you think a cell phone jammer could be a good tool to solve this problem?

A cell phone jammer is an instrument used to prevent cellular phones from receiving signals from base stations.

When used, the jammer effectively disables cellular phones. These devices can be used in practically any location, but are found primarily in places where a phone call would be particularly disruptive because silence is expected.

So long as each teacher bring a cell phone jammer to classroom, turn it on when class begains, no one can use his cell phone but concerntrate to learning knowledge.