Home Renovation Or Improvement Loans

Home renovation involves major alterations to your home which could include adding a new floor or a room, remodeling your backyard and garden, changing your kitchen design, adding new fixtures to your bathroom, setting up new air conditioning and heating system, and repainting walls or changing the wall papers. If you are planning to do home renovation, you should be prepared for a large financial outlay to take care of these expenses. Most people do not have the necessary financial resources and depend upon home renovation loans to undertake the work.

Sources Of Home Improvement Loans

Loans for home renovation can be obtained from private lenders, building societies or from banks. However, if you are only carrying out a home improvement work or some urgent plumbing or electrical repairs, you can take a personal loan which should be repaid within a short time so that you do not have to pay much interest. Personal loans do not need any security or collateral and as such the applicable interest rate is higher.

Secured Loans For Home Renovation

Home improvement loans are normally secured and as such you have to offer your home or any other property as collateral. Lenders feel more secure with such loans as they know that they can repossess the property if you falter in your repayment of the loan. As such, they offer lower interest rates and flexible payment terms so that you can stretch the repayment period thereby reducing the amount of the monthly payment. In any case, before taking any type of loan, especially a secured one, you should go through the terms and conditions of the loan with a fine toothcomb. After all, you dont want to lose your most prized possession your home.

Terms Of Home Improvement loans

Loans for home renovation attract different interest rates and other terms depending on the credit standing of the borrower. If your credit rating is good, the lender will offer a lower rate of interest and better terms as he does not see much risk in lending the money and vice versa. Lenders also take into account the values of the property before and after the renovation work. The other factors that a lender considers are the extent of the improvements, age of the house and the existing mortgage. Its advisable to take loans for home renovation from government approved lending companies including loan associations, banks and mortgage companies as there is less likelihood of fraud.

Benefits Of Home Improvement Loans

The biggest benefit associated with taking a loan for home renovation is that you can get tax deduction for upgrading your home. Moreover, when you renovate your home, its value will go up as its quality improves. This will mean that the loan will pay for itself. Home renovation can also be funded through an extra advance on mortgage, a flat rate unsecured loan or a variable rate unsecured loan.

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Home Renovation: Ideas for the Basement

Individuals adore it when they experience a home renovations surrey. This is on account of it means a fresh start and new trusts in the family. Another paint shading gives another look. New dividers give another inside arrangement. Families tend to concentrate on the primary floor of the house and ordinarily, they overlook the storm cellar. Much to their dismay that the cellar can be a wonderful and agreeable part of the house when it experiences home redesign.

Whilst the rooftop gathers dampness particularly amid blustery season, the storm cellar assembles more dampness since it is situated at the least part of the house. Dampness makes the house wet, gives it a foul odor and acquires both forms and mold. Rats and creepy crawlies have a tendency to live there particularly those that clammy, foul and cool spots. The scent and sogginess of the storm cellar make inhabitants avoid it, particularly in the event that they hear and see bothers as of now living there. The space is squandered and individuals will never see the potential it has unless it experiences a home redesign.

For the cellar to experience home redesign, it is first important to address the issue of dampness. On the off chance that there are breaks and openings in the dividers, these ought to be secured utilizing pre-blended concrete that is water-safe. There are likewise sealants accessible that are put in the external layer of the dividers and won’t permit further dampness to leak in. The dividers likewise ought to be secured with a water-safe light-hued paint to avoid the dull and enlighten the room.

The storm cellar roof must be revamped also. The old roof can be brought away and supplanted with another one made of tiles. A suspended roof can likewise be utilized to cover pipes or wires that are uncovered from the real roof so that the storm cellar will be given an agreeable look. Light-shaded works of art can be held tight the dividers to give it a familiar appearance. Iridescent lights can be introduced to make the cellar brighter.

The storm cellar can be transformed into a capacity room contingent upon the property holders’ way of life. It can be transformed into an office cum study room cum library for everyone’s utilization. It can likewise be utilized as an amusement room with a billiard table in the center and a smaller than normal exercise center along the edge. A home theater and sofas can be set there for the family to watch motion pictures or listen to music together. It can likewise be transformed into a gathering room where gatherings can be held.

An additional space in the house, for example, the storm cellar is constantly welcome since it draws out the imagination in mortgage holders. Youngsters love security so it won’t be an amazement in the event that they contend about who will have it as their own particular room. Giving the creative energy a chance to run free will transform any additional space of a house into an excellent and unwinding niche. The right styles, hues and lightings will help in accomplishing this. With home redesign tips and thoughts, the storm cellar and whatever other room of the house that has been disregarded will be transformed into a pleasant and welcoming exhibition.

Individuals adore it when they experience a home renovations surrey. This is on account of it means a fresh start and new trusts in the family. Another paint shading gives another look. New dividers give another inside arrangement. Families tend to concentrate on the primary floor of the house and ordinarily, they overlook the storm cellar. Much to their dismay that the cellar can be a wonderful and agreeable part of the house when it experiences home redesign.

Top DIY Home Renovation Jobs for January

January is for all intents and purposes upon us, and the time has come to begin dealing with what staying home remodel occupations you didn’t figure out how to get to in the previous 12 months. Specifically, you will need to deal with those redesign occupations that are required keeping in mind the end goal to climate confirmation your home against the inescapable desolates of winter climate (more so on the off chance that you live in an especially frosty district of the nation). The accompanying rundown of top renovators surrey occupations to deal with before winter sets its freezing pretense upon us should demonstrate accommodating for peruses out there worried about their properties in the month of January:

A task that rapidly rings a bell, and which has a ton to do with living all the more serenely amid the unforgiving cool of winter, is to include and/or supplant protection materials in your home. While supplanting protection in certain dividers may turn out to be a testing assignment for a DIY home renovator, adding protection to the storage room is very simple to do and thusly a brilliant DIY venture. There are moderate protection materials, some produced using totally reused materials and entirely reasonable, that a property holder can apply straightforwardly to the storage room floor, consequently decreasing a decent measure of warmth misfortune in the home amid winter. Thus, in this way, the property holder would likewise be diminishing their warming expenses over winter, and that makes it a doubly-compensating work.

Another top DIY venture for January is to just determine the status of, and fix as required, the circumstance with the water channels all through your home. Especially, water funneling that is outside or in a basement/storm cellar that gets altogether colder than whatever is left of the house will require consideration. Introducing protecting sleeves on water funnels is entirely simple as a rule, so make sure to apply generously and along however much channeling as could reasonably be expected. Not just will the protection of the funnels keep them from blasting amid winter chilly spells, yet the decreased warm trade additionally will spare you cash by lessening vitality utilization to create boiling point water.

To proceed with lessening heat misfortune said in the primary undertaking over, something else you’ll need to do is to put climate strips on door jambs and entryway clears on the entryways themselves, to keep drafts from moving all through your home (another huge way warmth is lost and vitality bills are raised). Not all entryways will require either strips or breadths to be introduced, but instead simply those where a draft can really be felt.

At last, amid the month of January a decent DIY redesign undertaking to deal with is to have windows supplanted, which, once more, can truly do ponders for your home’s vitality proficiency and solace levels. Old, drafty windows are very normal in home the country over and they are effectively replaceable; sometimes it may not be important to supplant a whole window, as there are silicon protection items you can apply effortlessly and counteract drafts that way, however it merits bringing up that in cutting edge windows the glass itself is frequently better and more profoundly built than keep out the chilly.

The accompanying rundown of top renovators surrey occupations to deal with before winter sets its freezing pretense upon us should demonstrate accommodating for peruses out there worried about their properties in the month of January:

Home renovation contractors: Do You Really need them? This Will Help You Decide!

Proper Home renovation contractors at service

It’s essential to realize that professional home remodeling services are reserved no less than two to four months ahead of time. In spite of the fact that you are in a rush for your Home redesign; you ought to hold up keeping in mind the end goal to employ a best home renovation contractors. However a lot of not gifted home renovation contractors are accessible as they can knock their present home remodel in a matter of seconds to begin on yours.

These home remodeling contractors are difficult to recognize with regards to renovating, and being consideration full is the most ideal way and do a little research before you procuring any home remodeling service. Make sure frequently remain for the right home renovation contractors by getting the assistance of everyone as far as making a legitimate research. So as you begin arranging the venture, it is constantly critical to consider musings and thoughts of your neighbors, companions and partners, on the off chance that they have such a great amount of involvement of renovating field.

Professional home remodeling services

Moreover the home remodeling services are capable of specializing required materials in home remodeling as in gutter services, roofing, windows and siding by using the best quality materials available or in accordance with customer needs. Expert home remodeling services endeavor to give the most capable and moderate home rebuilding services at reasonable budgets. Additionally home remodeling consultant services are also available for further preferences of customers.

After any home owner narrowed down their list of home remodeling services by following a small research there are certain things to request from contractors in person. In the event that the size of the project matters when it comes to home remodeling, the reviews of previous clients and contacting ways, the particular contractors are capable of providing financial references form banks, the work experience and number of subcontractors in their team, and other team members, number of projects that they handle in the same time while other projects going on and the time period that particular contractors have been working with sub-contractors are several things to be considered. The responses to above inquiries that you have asked from particular contractor will uncover the organization’s accessibility, dependability, how much consideration they’ll have the capacity to give your venture and how easily the function will work.

Jerome Julian is passionate about home remodeling industry & recommends home remodel services, Daniels Design Remodeling for renovation needs.

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The Various Motivations for Home Renovation

As the family approaches upon the tenth year of being property proprietors, they regularly choose to make changes around the home, repairing specific rooms, updating the floor covering or furniture. These general home remodel ventures improve the home an and all the more inviting space for the family living there; be that as it may, the inspirations for these tasks can contrast from family to family, from family to family. While some simply wish to appreciate and dwell in a more rich space, others have a more budgetary objective at the top of the priority list.

The ventures that they take up can be exhaustive or may simply concentrate on a specific part of home change, for example, kitchen custom home builders vancouver, garden finishing, restroom upgrades, or notwithstanding retiling of the home. For repairing the kitchen, numerous individuals settle on a spotless, advanced look with stainless steel points of interest and a mahogany wooden floor. Likewise, putting in an island in this space is an incredible approach to enhance the range, improving it look and additionally more beneficial. For some families, enhancing their homes serves them in day by day life. Since the kitchen is such a focal space in a home, making that alter permits them to appreciate every one of the changes made. Cooking might be simpler; the presence of the home might be additionally inviting; and the general mood of the home might be increased. Nonetheless, even while it might originate from a yearning to appreciate these refinements and extravagances, making home redesigns additionally is a money related venture that may bring about benefits at last.

A few family units make these home enhancements all through the home to build the property estimation of their habitation. On the off chance that you are hoping to offer your home sooner rather than later, making these speculations now can bring about getting a higher return for your home later on. On the off chance that your house is justified regardless of a specific sticker price now, having the patio nursery look much more pleasant, having the kitchen completely revamped, or having the bathrooms overhauled will make that home a great deal more alluring to the real estate agent or to the purchaser. You can, then, raise your asking cost and make a higher benefit off your valued home. Regardless of the possibility that you are not anticipating making a move at any point in the near future, you can in any case investigate making this venture, especially in a home that requires a few upgrades. That way, you can appreciate these upgrades that you are making while expanding the property estimation. You are, in this manner, at the same time ready to live in the lavish enhancements in your home while making an insightful and strong interest in your land.

Home redesign is an end, as well as an unfortunate chore. For a few, the end is the enhanced home, complete with an island in the kitchen and a delightful patio nursery. For others, these patio nurseries and enhanced bathrooms are just a venturing stone to higher land and property estimations with the goal that they get a higher return when they choose to offer their homes.

The ventures that they take up can be exhaustive or may simply concentrate on a specific part of home change, for example, kitchencustom home builders vancouver, garden finishing, restroom upgrades, or notwithstanding retiling of the home. For repairing the kitchen, numerous individuals settle on a spotless, advanced look with stainless steel points of interest and a mahogany wooden floor. Likewise, putting in an island in this space is an incredible approach to enhance the range, improving it look and additionally more beneficial. For some families, enhancing their homes serves them in day by day life.

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Simple Home Renovation: Repainting Your Home

A simple paint job could breathe rejuvenated life into your living quarters. Painting is a simple and effective way to change the atmosphere within your house. The fresh coat of paint could either inject much needed energy into an otherwise dull environment, or establish some peace and relaxation within a hectic household. You can achieve different outcomes and feelings through the harmonious combinations in colours. It helps to bring out your creative side when repainting your home.

Before you start, there are important health factors to consider first. Remember that paint fumes are toxic, so it is very important for you to wear a respirator that is designed for painters. While Disposable dust masks are useful great for other types of renovation jobs, they will not protect you from the paint fumes. Since you will be painting your house and exposed to the fumes for long periods of time, it is best to equip yourself with the proper gear. Also remember to wear rubber gloves. Goggles are recommended, but not needed.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the more important part: choosing the right colours! Choosing the right colours can be a challenge. For one thing, there are literally almost an unlimited amount of colours to choose from, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed. In order to choose the correct colours, you first need to figure out what kind of scheme you want. And for that to happen, you need to examine the furniture and fixtures already in the room. After that, choose the colours, keeping in mind of the over all theme of the room.

When you are choosing the colours, make sure to refer back to the samples of your fabric, carpet, tile, wallpaper constantly. Keep those samples with you; you never know when you’ll find the perfect colour. Make to really examine the colours carefully; even if you think you won’t consider that darker shade of blue, it will help you decide if that group of colours is the one you want.

Make sure to choose the correct paint finish for the job. Depending on your walls, remember that matte/flat finishing can hide imperfections, but glossier finishes look shinier and reflect more light. It would be a good idea to fix any cracks or damages you have before you start painting.

Lastly, here are some final tips on choosing a colour scheme for your rooms:

1. First, choose a style you want for the room: casual or formal. Then a theme: high tech, western country, etc. 2. Next, with the theme in mind, choose an ‘anchor’ fabric with 3 or more colours 3. If all else fails, get a second, or even third opinion.

In the end, you have to be happy with your colour scheme. There is no point in painting your home in colours that you’re not happy with, especially since you’ll be living in it. With the right colours and the right know-how, you can easily refresh your home and turn it into something completely new!

Whether you are looking for information on best reno for home or a best home reno blog , we’re dedicated in helping you with your home renovation project.

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Savvy Home Renovation Planning

Revamping your house is certainly an insightful decision. Yet, imagine a scenario in which you don’t see if it is a doable alternative to have one in your property. Home remodel, when done through master help, can yield numerous advantages. Notwithstanding the kind of property you possess, it is fitting to perform cautious wanting to chop down your home augmentation or reclamation use. Give us a chance to examine about the absolute most proper tips to viably decrease the work cost and other related costs of a home renovation or a home change venture.

The most critical stride is to confirm the inside and outside prerequisites of your home remodel work. There are a few approaches to upgrade the inside of your home, for example, introducing shiny new tiling or deck, painting the dividers and roofs with reasonable shading blends, altering new windows and entryways, and receiving amazing inside configuration thoughts. While, you can make engaging outside makeovers by supplanting obsolete open air installations, very much arranged finishing, garden upkeep or by including another patio. A spending agreeable inside and outside change can in this way make an inviting atmosphere and expansion the general business sector estimation of your property.

When you have chosen the accurate need of a house redesign, you should be sure to pursuit and locate a trusted remodel pro or developer to depend the employment. Attempt to look for referrals from your loved ones to pick the right group. It is vital to enlist an affirmed organization that performs developments as indicated by building control directions. Converse with them in individual and examine the capability of a home remodel work in your home. Try to check the term of the technique and spending prerequisites before affirming your choice. On the off chance that you don’t have adequate assets to complete the employment, then attempt to organize an advance from a presumed bank or monetary foundation.

Frequently, it may take as much time as is needed and push to locate a flawless expert and the method may be more costly than you had initially foreseen. So it is critical to cooperate with a presumed development organization or building temporary worker that gives one-stop answers for all your home change or redesign prerequisites.

A house augmentation is the way toward broadening a current range of your home. This procedure will permit you to make more space in your preferred range. You may pick a home expansion for one of a few reasons. Numerous people who purchased a littler house with the expectation particle of one day growing it are great case of the kind of individuals that decide on home expansions. Regardless of the fact that you are content with the measure of space in your current home, you might need to make an extra space that you can use for some kind of devoted movement, recreational or something else.

Likewise, there are numerous people who require additional storerooms in their current homes with a specific end goal to store and save any number of things that should be kept for later utilize. A few people likewise pick home expansions with the goal that they can make a home office space that they can work out for their private or side business. Home augmentations are something that can be connected to an inconceivable arrangement of circumstances and will quite often positively affect your home. So next time you are feeling like you need additional space for something in your home and feel forsaken at the way that there is none, recollect that a home expansion is something to consider. You will have the capacity to adjust and add to your current property and modify the augmented space particularly for your necessities and prerequisites.

Augmentation Builders Pvt Ltd is an Australian organization that has earned a strong notoriety as one of Australia s driving home redesign and expansion specialists. Expansion Builders can help you to plan and develop an endless number of augmentation related tasks that will enhance and increase the value of your home.

With living quarters getting to be confined and your family requiring extra space, offering your home and moving is an undeniable conclusion. Nonetheless, home augmentations are presently on the ascent. Why would that be? More individuals are finding that staying where they are planted is more profitable than moving to a more up to date, greater spot.

Moving Can Cost You in More Ways than One

Offering your home to move can cost your family in more courses than you understand. As a matter of first importance, all of you would leave the backing of your companions behind in the area. What’s more, in the event that you have youngsters, they likely won’t have any desire to move far from what is agreeable and well known. Evacuating the whole family is sincerely attempting.

Putting your home available to be purchased in the land market implies that you must burn through cash in any case for restorative changes, for example, crisp paint and finishing so as to make an outwardly engaging living arrangement for potential purchasers. You will probably need to employ an auditor to look at your home with the goal that you know about any required repairs you should make before the home can be sold. Besides, there are moving costs, land charges and different legalities to manage which will probably become excessively annoying and your wallet.

Advantages of Extensions and Home Renovations

Adding an expansion to your home and making redesigns is more valuable over the long haul. You will have the capacity to dodge the majority of the cerebral pains that moving will involve. Of course, you will need to endure a few impediments amid development and redesigning however risks are that with the right proficient manufacturer, you would not need to leave your home.

For more information please visit our website here.

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How Not to Get Stressed Out Over a Home Renovation Project?

With the merry season round the corner, it is a perfect time to give your home another look. Nonetheless, home remodel undertakings are normally connected with multitudinous bothers. From setting up a diagram to getting authorization for rebuilding to purchasing building materials to managing the specialists, there are such a large number of things that you need to do to guarantee that your remodel venture closes effectively. Here are a couple of valuable tips that will help you to handle every one of the hardships identified with home renovating in a proficient way.

1. Arrange and organize Home renovations Vancouver is an immoderate suggestion; hence, arranging is a noteworthy perspective that shouldn’t be disregarded. To start with thing that you have to do is to distinguish the locales of your home that need a facelift. From that point, choose what sort of modifications will improve the general tasteful estimation of your dwelling place. For this, you can take the assistance of the web and home-renovating magazines. You can likewise converse with your relatives and companions who have as of late taken up a redesign venture. As expressed before, home repair involves various troubles. Rather than taking up an expansive venture, it is fitting to isolate it into littler and more reasonable units. Case in point, you wish to make your space more useable, and in the meantime, you additionally need to change the ground surface of your kitchen. Presently, not at all like the space, kitchen is a zone that you utilize every day. Along these lines, it will be valuable for you to change the deck first; you can repair the space later on.

2. Set up a financial plan For home redesign, you would require heaps of cash. You can either utilize your funds or take a credit. You shouldn’t utilize every one of your funds for home restoration; you may require them for handling an outlandish misfortune. For taking an advance, you need to guarantee that your credit report is impeccable. Notwithstanding this, you would need to vow an advantage as guarantee. The most ideal approach to shield yourself from going into the convoluted labyrinth of money related emergency is to set up a safeguard spending plan. Once your financial plan is prepared, it will get to be less demanding for you to satisfy all your redesign wishes and goals.

3. Survey the effect of remodel Do not kick-begin the home redesign venture unless you’ve altogether assessed its effect. Any sort of progress ought to build the check request and in addition the resale estimation of your home. Keep in mind, even a basic change can make your home look poor. In this way, before executing any change painstakingly measure its upsides and downsides.

4. Take proficient help-For little home repair undertakings like changing the doorknob, spigot, deck or window outline you needn’t bother with any sort of expert help. In actuality, in the event that you wish to construct another room or change over the space into visitor room, then there is no mischief in counseling a part proficient. Contingent on your necessities, you can procure a modeler, development supervisor, basic architect or inside originator for your task. These experts are prepared to settle on choices rapidly and precisely, conceptualize the final result with exactness, work with the budgetary imperatives, and guarantee that all the progressions coordinate splendidly with the configuration and stylistic theme of your home. Before enlisting the contractual worker, attempt to get doable responses for the accompanying inquiries:

What is your work experience?

Do you have essential licenses and allows?

Are your specialists guaranteed?

How long every week will you be working?

What number of laborers will be expected to finish the venture on time?

Have you done a comparative sort of task previously?

Can you give me the contact data of your references?

What sort of agreement will you favor?

What will be the installment terms and conditions?

Will you give me a composed calendar?

On the off chance that the contractual worker neglects to give convincing response to any of the above inquiries, with no delay leave his office. There are numerous temporary workers in the business sector who can give you beat class administrations at a moderate cost. Web is an awesome medium to contact them.

5. Inclusion and supervision-Despite of having an accomplished contractual worker to regulate home remodel work, your association and supervision is pivotal. By effectively taking an interest in the venture, you can without much of a stretch guarantee that all that progressions occur as indicated by your desires, the timetable is entirely taken after and budgetary cutoff points are not crossed.

Arrange and organize Home renovations Vancouver is an immoderate suggestion; hence, arranging is a noteworthy perspective that shouldn’t be disregarded. To start with thing that you have to do is to distinguish the locales of your home that need a facelift.

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Increasing Home Value through Home Renovation

A home purchase is probably one of the biggest investments that an individual, or a family for that matter, would ever make in their lifetime. Some may settle for such an investment only once in their lives, conduct home renovation or home remodeling projects from time to time, then stick to the property for a very long time. Some people may be blessed more than others and would have more opportunities to upgrade their current abode to a bigger and much better unit or property. Others, such as entrepreneurs and investors, may consider buying and selling homes a lucrative business and would do this often and on a regular basis.

The current financial crisis has put a dent to the housing industry and has affected median home prices tremendously, whether you are located in California or in Boston, Massachusetts. The market is now more competitive than ever as a rash of foreclosure properties are also vying for positions in the market. The only option left to homeowners is to increase the value of their homes in order to compete in the market. The best way for them to have such an increase is through home renovation.

People looking for a new home are not only looking at the price tags prospective homes carry but on several other factors. Most would try to look at such factors and elements whenever they conduct ocular inspections on a prospective home, and most would simply be turned off and walk away if they see that the home they are looking at failed to satisfy their expectations.

The following home improvement tips focus on certain areas in the home that most home buyers would take into consideration in their home selection process.

Home Renovation Tips that Can Increase Your Home Value

* Curb appeal or what the external areas in your house would look like would be the first window that prospective homebuyers would look for in a home. Great landscaping and an awesome lawn never fails to catch the attention of people passing by and those seeking for a new home would definitely want to set foot inside a home with a great looking exterior such as the one you have.

* Part of the curb appeal that homes could give to prospective buyers would be the external sections of the house. An intrinsic part of your home renovation work should also focus on the exteriors of the house including walls, windows, terraces, etc. Home improvements may include repainting of surfaces or a complete change of exterior material including stone or marble.

* A big increase to your home value can be achieved by improving your roof. Investing on a totally new roof would not be such a bad idea if you have the finances for it. The quick returns in terms of raising the home value significantly may be well worth the investment.

* From the exteriors, your home remodeling project to increase the value of your home should now move to the interiors. Walls and other surfaces would be the first eye-catchers so you definitely have to invest in repainting, change of materials or enhancing surfaces and countertops.

* Home renovation would not be complete if there would be no significant change in the flooring. It would be wise to consider moving away from the use of carpets and linoleum as floor covering and move on to ceramic tiles, stone, laminated floors or the natural beauty of hardwood. Such changes would swell your home value significantly.

* Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling are some focus areas that you would need to consider to drastically lift the value of your home and catapult it to the next level. Custom home builders can help you design and build such awesome changes in your home that can be competitive against most modern and stylish homes.

Home renovation will definitely cost the homeowners a significant amount for investment but the returns would be far more significant in terms of raising the value of the home to a much higher level.

Roger James Martin is a fully licensed General Contractor and Team Leader for Divisions Unlimited Inc, an environmentally conscious Custom Home Builder specializing in new custom home construction, custom home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom remodeling for residential or light commercial properties.