Parents Are Becoming Dependent on Schools

Article by Ravi Jain

Who doesn’t want to send their children to the best school of the city? Everybody wishes to do that. And, every parent also looks for the schools where their children can get to learn many other things along with studies. Everybody loves to opt for things that give more facilities. And, when it is a school then parents feel relaxed when their children get more facilities in the school. The present day schools are far different from the schools of earlier days. Now teachers not only focus on the academic results of the students but also emphasize on the other aspects i.e. co-curricular activities of the school.

But with the increasing facilities parents are also becoming highly dependent on the schools. Moreover, with most of the parents especially in the cities working these days, they fail to spend enough time with their children. Children definitely spend the major part of the active day in schools but they also need their parents presence when they come back home. There are a few of the things which children find comfortable when they learn it from their parents. But when they learn it from teachers in the school, it doesn’t seem to have the same impact.

We think schools can make a boy into a gentleman. But when this dream of ours doesn’t get fulfilled we start blaming the school. Why do we expect so much from a school when we already know that the home is the first social institution where the child learns the rules of this world? No one can teach a child better than parents can do. Children believe what their parents say. Even if their parents are wrong, they tend to believe them. Parents can teach their children anything that they want and many schools fail to do so. Blaming the teachers would not be very fair because it is not possible for the teachers to monitor each and every student in class. Teachers mostly notice students who are extra ordinary in their work which include both the best students and the worst students. In this way, the mediocre students remain unnoticed and fail to grab the attention of the teachers despite of getting so much of facilities in the school. Schools provide facilities to the students with the aim of keeping them updated but it depends upon how fast the children they can catch whatever is taught to them and how active they are to avail those facilities.

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Children Can Have Educational Benefits From American Sign Language Classes Online From Their Parents

Article by Tanay Kumar Das

American Sig Language is the third most spoken language in the United States. Learning the subtle nuances of sin language can act as a valuable learning tool for children to develop the necessary skills to create a solid base on which to build their educational foundation. For parents looking for specialized American Sig Language classes for their babies and toddlers, Baby Fingers is your expert teaching organization.Do you need to learn American sin language? Will it help you communicate better with your friends and family? Give you opportunities for employment?

Based on a solid foundation of in-depth research, Baby Fingers specialized classes promote family communication while enhancing the motivation for children to speak to allow for a channel of communication between parents and their child. Their uniquely designed programs increase the childs IQ while improving and refining motor coordination and spatial reasoning skills. In this innovative learning environment, children will also learn the vital literary and vocabulary skills for a complete, highly developed educational underpinning.Baby Fingers offers your children a wide-array of learning opportunities that very few educational facilities can provide. Their American Sig Language classes for babies and toddlers will help children to learn unique sin language expressions through songs and play. Class participants will go home each week with brand new songs and vocabulary to enhance the communication between parent and child.Whether you are taking the classes to incorporate sig language into your life for the longer term, or just while your child is in the pre-verbal learning stage, these classes act as the perfect educational tool.Level One classes are need-based classes that are specifically formatted for the capabilities and needs of newborn children up to those 18 months old. Level Two encompasses American Sin Language classes for toddlers aged 12months to 2 years. During Level Two, toddlers will review the basics of American Sig Language and will learn to develop interest-based vocabulary. Level Three classes are catered towards toddlers aged 18months to 3 years of age. The Level Three classes offer a more complex form of learning for the child, where the focus is on combining words and sins and helping the child to implement their new language skills more confidently.

Write Original Essay

Article by kelvin Brown

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Order Original Essay

Article by kelvin Brown

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Adult Online Education

Article by Sarah

Online education is not just for kids or the latest high school graduate students. Believe it or not, it is actually increasingly normal for grownups to find on-line diplomas to upgrade their particular positions. Many of these fresh individuals have jobs already and are on the lookout to advance their occupations. Others can be in line to switch professions, or to make the step from only maintaining a job, to having a position that is simply way more advantageous. A large number of bosses seriously suggest this among their workforce, seeing as a far more skilled work force means improved job efficiency and much better productivity all round for the organization. In reality, most companies actually feature entire to partial tuition compensation to work staff wanting to take those routes.

The sorts of degrees being undertaken will vary greatly. Education and business top the list as degrees that a majority of older people seek. A master’s degree in education or a doctoral degree in education is typically sought by course instructors who currently have an education degree but are expecting to carry on their expansion through an online education at a graduate school. Inside that group of educators taking online courses, are the ones who’re specializing in various educational areas. From Assessment Evaluation, to ESL, to Special Education for different age ranges, the alternatives are wide. Thus, for any educator aiming to advance their education inside of work and monetary restraints, online graduate academic institutions are fantastic opportunities. Options for business degrees range just as much as education qualifications and can encircle a wide variety of careers and workplaces. In fact, having first-hand practical knowledge can even increase the teacher’s opportunity to implement and train his or her own learners using online education tools.

From entrepreneurial to traditional corporations, the options for those wanting to pursue an internet business degree throw open quite a few doors of opportunity. It appears to be the nature of business to take a good idea to the next level. Have a look back at how this century alone we as a country, and as human beings, have progressed in ways of doing business and changing the landscape of ideas. Technology is evolving at a dramatic pace, and people in the business world are evolving at the same rate. It is damaging not only to a corporation, but also professionally, to lag behind the tech revolution. Degree programs on-line offer faster, inexpensive solutions to getting an online education designed to keep pace with these changes. Plus the added benefit is that you may fit the programs in during your lunch break and after hours, so you never have to forfeit work time for studying.

While online education for high school students is getting more popular than ever, those currently in the work force have always been the main audience. Hybrid programs which merge on the web and face-to-face learning, are well-liked amongst high school age students, and also have been attended by adult pupils. It seems as if, with information access becoming much easier online, and quickly becoming an expected standard, online education programs for business and education are rapidly supplementing, and in some cases replacing, classic education and learning.

Sarah writes for University Bound, THE ultimate authority for online education.

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Accredited Online Schools Add New Horizons to your Career

Article by Akash Aggarwal

Online education needs no introduction today. They have been very much in the limelight for being highly flexible to suit everybody’s needs and timings. Getting an online degree is very advantageous and one must consider it to be a part of their career plan. There are so many online schools available today that offers a plethora of courses and programs to match one’s interest.

One thing that needs to be highlighted here is that along with the genuine schools that provide such degrees, an array of fake schools have also mushroomed with the intention of making money. Fake online schools confer degrees unworthy of the marketplace and unworthy of recognition by many employers. Due to this reason working professionals and students need to do quality research on the online school they wish to join.

Accreditation is the Key

One key criterion to check whether a school is genuine or fake is to check the accreditation of that school. Schools must be accredited by the state in which they operate, by one of the six regional agencies:

1. Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSC)2. Northwest Association of Schools and of Colleges and Universities, (NASC)3. Higher Learning Commission of North Central Region (NCA)4. New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)5. Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)6. Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

And by national agencies, such as:1. Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)2. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

Career Prospects with Accredited Online Schools

Accredited Online Schools provide so many opportunities to people to build desirable careers by earning diplomas, certificates, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees, and even doctorate degrees from an online course of study. This is the time to take action as the online education market is growing approximately 40% each year. Get enrolled with an Accredited Online School to get an edge in job over your competitors for the next big promotion or to switch on to the career of your interest. Self-determination, self-discipline and focus are needed to achieve success with online education and the efforts are always worth.

Top Accredited Online Schools

There are a number of renowned schools that provide online education. Amongst them, the top accredited online schools are:

1. Kaplan University2. University of Phoenix3. Ashford University4. American InterContinental University5. Everest University6. Liberty University7. Grand Canyon University8. Capella University9. Westwood College10. Strayer University

The University of the People for Zero Cost Higher Education

This is the latest of online universities. It is a not-for-profit institution. Founded in 2009 by the UN’s Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technology and Development (GAID), this university aims at providing quality higher education to those who cannot afford to study at the public and private universities due to high course fees charged by them. The University of the People claims that the education fees have been set such that the students will never have to pay more than $ 100 to study here. Education will be provided by harnessing the power of social media. Though the university is not accredited as of now, but a proper accreditation has been planned by the university officials.


Fully accredited online schools offer the best of opportunities to working adults and students to prepare for their desired careers. There are a number of accredited online schools to choose from. Before getting enrolled, accreditation must be checked. Consider going for the University of the People for zero cost education.

Akash is a web journalist. He has written blogs, web forums and articles for online education. He was also an instructor in a community college and had organized seminars for online education.

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Article by Andy Demidont

The SERAPH Research Team which provides a biyearly school safety report for Congress has released its “FIVE CRITICAL SCHOOL SAFETY ISSUES list.

The list was developed from interviews with teachers, school security personnel, police and principals from 120 school districts throughout the United States.

1. LACK OF ACCURATE UNDERSTANDING OF SAFETY ISSUES – Many schools and school districts have performed poor assessments of their school safety as it relates to everyday management of the schools. Schools have security audits performed which focus on physical security such as cameras and emergency plans. These audits do not address classroom management, sub cultural groups, educational objectives, special education, negative behavior cliques and sexual issues.

“School environments must be analyzed from an educator’s perspective”, says SERAPH Research Team leader Andreas Demidont, “Another aspect of this issue is that schools often have no real way of collating the data into a meaningful set of action plans.”

2. REACTION NOT PREDICTION – Many schools and school districts have policies against student aggression and criminal behavior but fail to develop clear management procedures to assist staff and administrators in predicting and preventing these problems.

“Because schools generally do not have effective school safety management plans they resort to a crisis with reaction rather than preventing a crisis from happening”, states Demidont.

3. POOR MANAGEMENT OF SCHOOLS – Management issues in school generally fall into several categories :

Poor time management. “Time is the currency of learning and it needs to be treated that way by the schools,in the same manner as it is in the business community,” says Demidont.

Non-data based decisions. “Not because the data does not presently exist within the school but rather schools often lack an effective and efficient means of gaining access to it,” states Demidont.

Unwillingness to depart from conventional thinking.” If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you always have gotten,” states Demidont.

School boards being asked to make decisions without essential data. Poor use of technology to handle the mundane tasks. “A complete lack of understanding of how technology can be utilized to assure that administrator and teacher time is spent on educating students,” says Demidont.

Lack of effective on-going interactive community wide communications. “School officials must actively and regularly interact with parents and the community in general,” states Demidont.

4. LACK OF EFFECTIVE PLANS TO COMBAT TRUANCY AND LATENESS – School Districts do not seem to be willing to engage local, state and federal social service agencies as real partners in assisting them with truancy and tardiness.

“A formal plan of action with local courts, social services, and law enforcement is critical to reducing and controlling this serious problem”, says Demidont.

5. POOR EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT – Many schools have emergency plans but fail to train their staff members in the management of an emergency situation. An example of the problem is the lack of training for school staff members in the handling of special needs children.

“Special needs students are being placed in regular education classrooms without providing regular classroom teachers with the necessary and proper training and support,” states Demidont. “Children with various emotional or mental issues will panic in emergencies; proper training must be performed to give staff the skills necessary to manage the inevitable chaos and emotion that occurs in an emergency situation.”

Mr. Yeager began his education as a criminal analyst in 1988. He has extensive training including advanced training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

Mr. Yeager’s research work on violence has been published in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin and “Profiling Violent Crimes” [third edition] by Dr. Ronald Holmes.

Mr. Yeager is also a Federal law enforcement trainer for the HIDTA and MAGLOCLEN programs.

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Problem of education in Egypt and ways of dealing

Article by Fatma EL Banna

Problem of education in Egypt and ways of dealing

Problems of education and proposals to solve themThere is no doubt that the education systems in developed countries play a key role in their progress. Of course, education is different in developed countries from other states.And manifestations of the difference between education and we have many, there does not exist for most or all of the problems and defects in some education systems in developing countries such as:

Problems of teaching methods:

* The adoption of education mainly on memorization without understanding any conservation

* Make the written tests (written) the only source to measure achievement, but often turn to the purpose of education

* Do not use modern teaching methods

* Do not use the helping education tools

* Non- useing of modern technology such as computer and Internet

Problems of teachers:

* Low income of teachers, which may lead some to lessons private or don’t interested in working at school

* Some teachers are not qualified to work

* Not giving teachers sufficient training to find out the latest teaching methods and the new in the field of education

* Some teachers are not good models for students

* The inability to attract the attention and interest of learners

Special problems learners and their parents:

* Not respecting for teachers or school because of the private lessons that provide information on a silver platter

* Loss of hope in education reform

* Lack of cooperation from parents with educational institutions

Particular problems with the curriculum:

* Filler including curriculum does not help learners

* After the curriculum for the local community at the learner

* Do not keep pace with modern technology curriculum

Some of the solutions proposed:

For teaching methods:

* You must follow the latest teaching methods appropriate

* Attention to the education of scientific thinking and methods to solve problems

* Rely on the debate and give examples and dimension as possible for indoctrination

* Do not essential for the appropriate use of teaching aids

* The diversity of methods of measuring and understanding not only the collection and essay questions only (can use oral questions and practical experience, and so on)

* Targeted use of computers and the Internet in education

For teachers:

* You must be appropriate so that wages rise Phippdon morale and characterized.

* Choose a teacher qualified to teach

* Give teachers training and courses aimed to determine the new education

* Dimension for private lessons and focus on school work

* Make note of learners served attracted the concern of teachers so as not to become a teacher there and explain to himself!

* Teachers must be convinced that they are role models for students and act on this basis

* Provide material for teachers and in-kind of trade unions

For learners and their parents:

* Distance from the negative view of educational institutions and those who made it

* Meaningful dialogue between parents and educators to solve problems

* Fight against tuition

For the curriculum:

* The development of curriculum specialists and competent Khbayron

* Revise their work, taking into account the technological developments

* Link the curriculum to the environment surrounding the learner

* The views of learners and parents in mind when developing the manna

I’m graduated from faculty of arts

Pre-Written Essay Writer

Article by Kelvin Brown

The demand for pre-written essay has increased for the last ten yeas. This is because most students find it hard to write essays. Several factors have made it difficulty for students to write essays. For example, lack of time and necessary resources has made it difficulty for students to write quality essay. Most students do not have enough time to write their essays. This makes it hard for the students to write essays that meet instructors

Pay For Custom Essay

Article by Kelvin Brown

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