Problem of education in Egypt and ways of dealing

Article by Fatma EL Banna

Problem of education in Egypt and ways of dealing

Problems of education and proposals to solve themThere is no doubt that the education systems in developed countries play a key role in their progress. Of course, education is different in developed countries from other states.And manifestations of the difference between education and we have many, there does not exist for most or all of the problems and defects in some education systems in developing countries such as:

Problems of teaching methods:

* The adoption of education mainly on memorization without understanding any conservation

* Make the written tests (written) the only source to measure achievement, but often turn to the purpose of education

* Do not use modern teaching methods

* Do not use the helping education tools

* Non- useing of modern technology such as computer and Internet

Problems of teachers:

* Low income of teachers, which may lead some to lessons private or don’t interested in working at school

* Some teachers are not qualified to work

* Not giving teachers sufficient training to find out the latest teaching methods and the new in the field of education

* Some teachers are not good models for students

* The inability to attract the attention and interest of learners

Special problems learners and their parents:

* Not respecting for teachers or school because of the private lessons that provide information on a silver platter

* Loss of hope in education reform

* Lack of cooperation from parents with educational institutions

Particular problems with the curriculum:

* Filler including curriculum does not help learners

* After the curriculum for the local community at the learner

* Do not keep pace with modern technology curriculum

Some of the solutions proposed:

For teaching methods:

* You must follow the latest teaching methods appropriate

* Attention to the education of scientific thinking and methods to solve problems

* Rely on the debate and give examples and dimension as possible for indoctrination

* Do not essential for the appropriate use of teaching aids

* The diversity of methods of measuring and understanding not only the collection and essay questions only (can use oral questions and practical experience, and so on)

* Targeted use of computers and the Internet in education

For teachers:

* You must be appropriate so that wages rise Phippdon morale and characterized.

* Choose a teacher qualified to teach

* Give teachers training and courses aimed to determine the new education

* Dimension for private lessons and focus on school work

* Make note of learners served attracted the concern of teachers so as not to become a teacher there and explain to himself!

* Teachers must be convinced that they are role models for students and act on this basis

* Provide material for teachers and in-kind of trade unions

For learners and their parents:

* Distance from the negative view of educational institutions and those who made it

* Meaningful dialogue between parents and educators to solve problems

* Fight against tuition

For the curriculum:

* The development of curriculum specialists and competent Khbayron

* Revise their work, taking into account the technological developments

* Link the curriculum to the environment surrounding the learner

* The views of learners and parents in mind when developing the manna

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