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Essay Writing
Authors Mania provides premium writing services – Custom Essays, Research Papers and Research Essays, Term Papers, Coursework, Dissertation and Thesis – for all your academic needs.
AuthorsMania’s professionals write a critical essay that attempts to construct a clear argument based on the evidence of the text. We give students a clear and logical sense of direction and purpose and it is better to start with a simple, coherent attitude than to ramble aimlessly or produce a shapeless answer. Our each paragraph is a step in a developing argument and is supported by textual detail which is relevant to the question. We at AuthorsMania answers these questions set. Our Professionals are prepared to discuss a specific aspect of the text or approach it from a slightly new or unexpected angle. We will be selective in your choice of material appropriate to the actual question. An essay which deals only in sweeping generalizations can lack detail and substance. One which gets too involved in minor details may lack direction and a conceptual framework. Our professionals combine an overview and detailed knowledge.
Although different examinations boards and syllabuses have their own ways of expressing them, there are basically three criteria against which your work will be judged by AuthorsMania’s professionals. They are:
Knowledge and understanding
Answering the question relevantly
Written expression.

AuthorsMania believe that the essay writing world is full of mental constructs: descriptions, theories and explanations, ideas and critiques. You, as students, cant experience such mental constructs in the same way that we experience the real world, directly, through seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. Instead AuthorsMania professionals have to get them into our heads through the medium of in particular the written word and the spoken word, via books and articles and web pages, and the lectures that academics give.
Essay-writing is the most underrated and underdeveloped, and yet the most important of academic skills. Too many people think that to do well at university and colleges students must simply go to lectures, read books, absorb the information and then reproduce it in assessed work and exam essays. This overlooks the crucial fact that writing an essay is not a simple matter of spilling onto the page all the ideas that you have ingested; rather, it is difficult and highly skilled craft. Writing clearly and persuasively is only possible if you think clearly and understand the material you are dealing with. Writing well and thinking well go hand in hand at AuthorsMania. To do well AuthorsMania professionals do both.
AuthorsMania’s essays present and argues a theses, our proposition or opinion. Our research essay is basically an in-depth expository essay in which you investigate a specific issue or problem, analyse what the experts have to say on the topic, and then we make an evaluation of your findings. The problem or issue you choose to focus on is usually related to a broader historical, political, social, literary, or scientific context. Our professional’s task is to write an expanded expository essay that informs or explains.

AuthorsMania writers are from strong academic background majority of them possess doctorate degree while the rest possess a minimum of masters degree, arranged according to their specific specializations. Such ordering allocates us to independently select a writer who is appropriate for writing a particular assignment.

Feature Of Writing Essay

Essay writing is an art and all students pursuing education, whether in school or college, are expected to write essay as part of their curriculum. However, not all students are adept at writing essay so they opt for the easier option- availing essay writing services. Students can buy ready-made or customized essays for nominal rates. Students do not make much effort to write their own essay which leads them to become over-dependent on these essay writing services.

But essay writing is not cumbersome as it is perceived to be. Students who are not so adept at writing essays can also learn this simple but creative art easily. We would provide you with some tips that would help you to understand the basic essay writing skills. Let us now discuss the essential features that an essay writer must consider before writing it.

Intricacy Of Writing An Essay

Essay writing, though not difficult, is not so easy either. There are many complexities that have to be considered while writing an essay. First and foremost, the writer has to understand the difference between spoken and written language. When speaking, one does not have to lay too much emphasis on grammar, spelling or sentence formation. But, if you are writing an essay then these three aspects are important and definitely come into play. Moreover, the language should be logical and easy to understand.

Accuracy Of The Essay

Before writing an essay, one should read the topic thoroughly and analyze it logically. Do a comprehensive research on the topic that will enable you to write the essay with complete understanding of the topic. If you do not understand the topic and write the essay, then the purpose of writing the essay will be lost. The essay should be to the point and should fully justify the topic. Also, the vocabulary and the uses of words should not be complex.

Essay Should Be Objective

Writing an Essay is like writing news. The most objective it is; the most effective it would be. Thus, one important thing to remember while writing an essay is that one has to maintain the objectivity. An essay has to be as objective as possible and should not have the personal opinion of the writer. The aim of the essay is to convert into words what one has heard in a lecture or what their topic is indicating and not what they personally think about a certain subject.

Reason For Choosing Your Topic Should Be Justified

A topic for writing an essay should be chosen with a purpose. There is no point in writing an essay if you are not aware of the reason behind writing it. You should clearly let the reader see why you have chosen to write an essay on that particular topic. Also, one has to make sure they defend their essay in such a way that any questions raised by the reader should be answered immediately.

Formal Tone In The Essay Must Be Maintained

An essential feature of an essay is that it should be written in a formal language. Use of informal or slang terms should be strictly avoided. The writer should maintain a formal flow throughout the essay.

The above mentioned points will help you understand the art of writing an essay and help you break away from the clutches of over-dependency on essay writing services. With practice every art can be learned and so can essay writing.

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DAC Report

What Is A Dac Report.

Your DAC report is to the truck driver what your credit report is to a consumer. Your DAC report is similar to a credit report in that when you apply for a job as a truck driver the first thing the prospective trucking company checks is your DAC report. If there are any negative entries you will have a much harder time finding employment.

Your report consists of two parts. The first is your MVR (motor vehicle report) which is your CDL driving record obtained from your home state.

The other part of the report is your work record. This is simply what your former employers have reported. The trucking companies are paid a small fee for your record. This will include notations about any accidents, noted as preventable or nonpreventable, or other problems.

The DAC report contains your complete professional driver job history including accidents/incidents, MVR record, drug/alcohol test history, plus criminal history.

Approximately 90% of all U.S. long haul commercial carriers use the DAC Report for pre-employment screening.

Read more about what a DAC report is an how to get a free copy.

Opinion Essay

An Opinion Essay is one which describes your opinion about a topic or issue. It is a part of coursework because constructing an Opinion Essay requires a mature thought. It is aimed to pursue the reader with the opinion which the writer has established.

To write an Opinion Essay you have to have a clear understanding of what opinion you are creating. You have to make the reader understand what you perceive about the subject you are writing and therefore, your opinion must be backed up by proper evidences, real facts and persuasive style of writing which grabs the attention of the reader.

Certainly the format of essay has to be the same with introduction, main body paragraphs and conclusion, however, your Opinion Essay should be structured in such a way that the reader does not develop a negative feeling about the essay.

While constructing your essay keep the following in mind;

ü  Avoid using controversial statements.

Create a neutral presentation of your opinion.

ü  Focus on facts and justify your opinion on real grounds.

ü  Centralize your essay to a point, otherwise, while giving reasons to your opinion you may lose the track.

ü  Do not take the responsibility of explaining each issue pertaining to the subject, rather, select one and construct your opinion.

It is always a good practice of drafting your essay as a rough work. It helps you to sort out the information you have and write it in an order. The more you have done the research, the more is your essay above expectations.

The introduction is not necessarily an explanation to your essay’s main body paragraphs, rather, start with a reliable source of information that gives first evidence  of your opinion to be true.

Then make a connection of your evidences to your opinion in main body paragraphs.

Focus on the central point and be careful of losing the ground.

In your conclusion do not put further information. All you need to do is to rephrase your introduction. Close your Opinion essay and its supporting facts together in a box so that the reader has the summary of what you have said. You can put a recommendation in the conclusion of your essay.

Your writing skills would reflect your thoughts. A well structured essay with relevant information is always a successful piece of writing. If you still think you need help, do not waste your time and contact us for immediate help. We, with our professional writing experts, are here to help you in your academics.

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