DAC Report

What Is A Dac Report.

Your DAC report is to the truck driver what your credit report is to a consumer. Your DAC report is similar to a credit report in that when you apply for a job as a truck driver the first thing the prospective trucking company checks is your DAC report. If there are any negative entries you will have a much harder time finding employment.

Your report consists of two parts. The first is your MVR (motor vehicle report) which is your CDL driving record obtained from your home state.

The other part of the report is your work record. This is simply what your former employers have reported. The trucking companies are paid a small fee for your record. This will include notations about any accidents, noted as preventable or nonpreventable, or other problems.

The DAC report contains your complete professional driver job history including accidents/incidents, MVR record, drug/alcohol test history, plus criminal history.

Approximately 90% of all U.S. long haul commercial carriers use the DAC Report for pre-employment screening.

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