MLM Prospects and MLM Prospecting: The Magic of a ‘Funded Proposal’

If I’d spoken of MLM prospecting and finding MLM prospects being a ‘profit centre’ rather than a ‘cost centre’ in the old days, the men in white coats would have taken me away.

In those days, prospecting was such hard work that many people wouldn’t have done it even if you had paid them. In those days ‘Funded Proposal’ meant getting engaged to someone with a good job.

I’m sure you remember being told constantly about time ‘leverage’. I do. Certainly, if our prospects eventually blossomed into highly motivated and productive distributors then, yes, we would achieve the ‘Holy Grail’ of time leverage. Shame it was so tough for any but the super-charismatic few to hang around long enough to reap the rewards.

The problem was back then that the process of prospecting was so completely ‘unleveraged’ that it usually sucked the lifeblood out of distributors before they even experienced the magic of duplication.

And it wasn’t just the time it took to find decent MLM prospects. MLM prospecting was very tough emotionally. Not many of us like to face rejection from family and friends on a constant basis. Even though there were huge success stories in my own organisation, to me it felt like very hard work for not much return.

The real problem of course is back then we were always in the role of ‘salesperson’. The prospect had never sought us or our business opportunity, so we were always on the back foot.

The problem seemed overwhelming. How could you build a residual income though prospecting when the very act of finding serious prospects was draining your bank account?

Enter the ‘Funded Proposal’ method of prospecting and a wholly different way of attracting real prospects. In the old days, you remember, it was all about us chasing them and gleefully showing people how they could get rid of their J.O.B. and walk the beaches with us. I used to wonder why people ran the other way.

Nowadays the biggest hitters are the ones who attract MLM prospects to them. The most effective way to do that is to offer a free report or mini-series of genuine value, that people will happily give their e-mail addresses for in exchange.

They are then followed up automatically by autorepsonder, and offered a quality e-book for a small fee that will give them practical help. Now your MLM prospecting activities have found a serious lead to whom you can send helpful content and profitable offers for eternity.

The key thing is that this prospect will be a fruitful contact for you even if they never join your primary opportunity. You do of course offer it to them, but roughly 95% will not want that – at least not now. In the old days, a ‘no’ prospect didn’t enter any sort of MLM ‘marketing funnel’, more likely they entered a ‘derision funnel’ – an increasingly large group of people asking you if you’d made a million yet.

Learning to use the ‘Funded Proposal’ system will be pure prospecting ‘gold’ for you, and it’s a hundred times easier to master than sidling up to people in the grocery queue and handing out flyers.

A Funded Proposal system, properly crafted, will pay you more as you prospect more, the opposite from days gone by. MLM prospects will join you and your helpful content, and that relationship will be far more important than sponsoring a tyre-kicker into your primary opportunity only to give you the old ‘we’ve been thinking about it’ routine.

If you can make MLM prospecting a process that earns you some money, isn’t that a better model for sustained growth than having your MLM prospects drain your time, your money and your motivation?

Ideas for Small Spaces

The first and greatest idea that you should have is this you should be able to phantom and think of ways by which you can change and remodel that small space of yours to work for you. This would require a lot in terms of finance. However, be it known that redesigning a small space is a capital-intensive project.

Secondly, invest and furnish your living space with those stuffs that you really need. Desist from buying stuffs that you do not really need.

Keep everything compact and small – if you are furnishing a small space, it is advisable that you should keep everything small, simple, and compact. Desist from the habit of buying big or medium size household equipments.
When furnishing a small living space, it is advisable that you should contact a furnishing company to produce custom made or custom fitted furniture’s for you. Apart from designing your furniture, they might also need to work and improve on your current space. For example, to create more space, your walls can be worked on and made moveable. Furthermore, your walls can also be worked on and used as a secret bookshelf or a storage place for books. 

When purchasing household equipment for a small living space, you should learn to invest your monies in purchase of household equipments that can be put to multiple uses. For instance, you can get your kids bunk beds instead of buying them separate beds.

LastlyArticle Search, explore all possibilities and put every available space in your house into use.

Web Design Trends: Flat Design vs Flat Design 2.0

Flat design is a web design trend standing for minimalism and cleanness in the website design industry. This trend has become popular since 2012, replacing the Skeuomorphism trend – the most popular trend until then.

Unlike skeuomorphism, which is characterized by real-life 3D objects and shiny buttons, flat design is recognizable for its flat shapes and objects; not generating depth, dimension or any effects, such as drop shadows, highlights and realistic textures.

The goal of the flat design is users to put their focus on the content, by providing faster and more functional user experience. People undoubtedly are associating this trend with simplicity and cleanliness, modern and colourful design.

The biggest advantage is mentioned in the compatibility with responsive design. Users easily embraced the trend because it offered them quick and easy content access. They are able to use the websites very easily and the loading time is faster. Flexible framework – grid is allowing the design to be organized in consistent geometric shapes. This is another advantage of the flat design that allows content to be easily scanned and navigated. When designs don`t use shadows in the typography, you as a user can read the text very easy. The most used typography font that designers are using is the Sans-Serif font.

Designers love the flat design. They can make beautiful web projects, by using bright colours and simple typefaces. However, there is one problem: users were confused about the design and didn`t know what to do or how the interface was working. There was a need for a new web design trend – Flat design 2.0.

While the flat design was considered as a revolution, the flat design 2.0 is treated as evolution. It has the same characteristics of minimalism, but on the other hand, it adds more subtly skeuomorphic features. Some designers are calling this trend “almost-flat” design because they can add subtle shadows, highlights and layers. You can think of flat 2.0 as a way to overcome problems associated with flat design.

Besides adding depth and dimension to icons and illustrations, flat design 2.0 is focusing on adding large images and videos. Also, the long shadow is a very popular technique of flat 2.0. Clicking is simpler: attractive call-to-action (CTA) buttons are created with just outline and text inside. Maybe this is the most valuable feature for the users.

Flat design 2.0 is first mentioned in 2014 when Google relished its new design language – Material design. This is perhaps the most remarkable example of flat design 2.0. The base of material design is flat design with certain metaphorsPsychology Articles, where users can find similarity between the real and digital world.

5 Tips To Write A Quintessential Research Proposal

Writing a research proposal can be burdensome if you don’t know the techniques. However, once you get the hang of it, it becomes relatively easy. Follow these steps to master the research proposal writing in no time and ensure better grades every time.

Writing a research proposal requires practice, patience, and dedication. It must identify the purpose and importance of the research. Every university has a different structure and format for writing a research proposal; therefore, the tips may slightly vary. However, few basics are needed almost every time. Here are some essential tips for writing a flawless research proposal paper.

Follow The Instructions

Before starting to write the research paper outline, you need to comprehend the topic. It is essential to read the instructions thoroughly and understand what is required out of you. Check for the structure and format along with words limit, if any. Additionally, read the reference or source materials if provided to find out precisely what the assignment is about. This will enable you to conduct extensive research and draft a well-researched proposal. If you require research proposal writing help, you can always approach your seniors who have become a pro in outlining research proposal papers.

Create A Title Page

Once you have understood the topic, it is now time to come up with an attractive title. Your title will vary based on the topic, but generally, it should be descriptive and concise. Your readers should be able to know what to expect from the paper by reading the title. You will also need to make your title clear and accurate so that it hooks the readers from the first word itself. If you are in doubt about the topic and require research proposal help, you can always approach your professor for clarifications. After deciding the title, create a title page with the title of your assignment, your name, and your institution.

Move To the Introduction

It is now time to move to the introduction. Your introduction should include a problem statement, the purpose, and the significance of your research, along with background information. Center and restate the title of your paper in the introduction. Provide a quick note about the topic and the method of your research. Raise the importance of conducting the research and state what you are willing to achieve. If you are not sure about how to write an introduction to your research proposal, you can always look for experts who provide research proposal help online.

Frame A Literary Overview

A literary overview contextualizes your research. Here you shall show the readers that you are aware of your topic’s past and current research situation. You should demonstrate that your research will contribute significantly to all the existing information. Give credit to other researchers who have laid the groundwork, synthesize their work, and contribute with your own thoughts. Ask experts from research proposal writing services to help you know how to frame a literary overview.

Edit And Proofread

After writing the entire assignment, it is now time for the most crucial part. Edit and proofread to find out any mistakes. Check if you have followed all the guidelines and instructions. Figure out if your formatting is correct and if you have included all the necessary sections of the research proposal. Additionally, edit your paper for any unnecessary filler. Slack off any irrelevant information. For example, if you have exceeded the word count, try to make it more concise. Moreover, check for any spelling, grammatical or typo error in your assignment. Finally, before submitting your assignmentArticle Search, make sure your paper is plagiarism-free.

Advantages of Electric Construction Heaters

Giving your workers the warmth in a construction site during the winter months is essential. Electrical construction heaters are what you need for your workplace. Here is what you need to know.

Electric construction heaters have more advantages than fuel heaters in most situations. Not only are they cost-effective but also high-efficiency electrotechnology.

Construction heater function

The most common function of electric construction heaters is to achieve or maintain a temperature. The name itself confirms its heating and allows for direct heat transfer. Direct heating makes electric construction heater more efficient and capable of more accurate heating.

Heating process

Construction heaters play a crucial role in many industrial applications. It is better to use as heating done on a large scale extensively for commercial and economic purposes. There are several aspects of the construction industry that need electric heaters for heating industrial heating. The use of construction heaters is of great importance to space-saving. The removal, circulation of airflow is an essential part of the construction process.


Electric heaters are safer than fuel-heaters because they avoid the hazards and problems associated with using a combustion process to heat the space. They don’t produce carbon monoxide or any other vapor that may harm your staff in the construction sites.

Simplicity and convenience

Electric construction heaters are simple to use. Consequently, construction heating machines are the simplest and most convenient way to heat the construction space in residential and commercial buildings.

Size And Portability

Electric heaters come in various sizes and shapes. You may choose them as per your needs for your construction sites in the winter months. In some cases, electric heaters fit in any space. You may put them in any part of the site to generate warmth for your workers. They are also portable and lightweight. It is easy to carry them around. Moreover, they are provided with handles which makes it easy to move it anywhere you want.

Operating Costs

Electric heaters are more convenient and efficient. Fuel-based heaters are 32% to 38% efficient and only produces ½ of the heat. Whereas electric heaters are 100% efficient and combining this efficiency with fuel cost, you will find it more economical. Additional, these heaters are less expensive to maintain. Also, they have a long lifespan, and you don’t need to replace them often.

Greater Control And Eco-friendly

Constructions heaters with electrical high-degree control are the best for your site. It also comes with automatic control panels, specific temperaturesHealth Fitness Articles, and range changing facility. It is easy to maintain and more reliable. Automatic shut down switches prevent overheating of the space.

These heaters are not only efficient but also eco-friendly. Electricity produces no harmful emissions and results in a smaller ecological footprint.

High-Temperature capabilities.

Electric construction heating machines can reach a higher temperature than fuel heaters. That makes the heaters more capable of performing tasks other than heating. Being able to achieve and maintain high temperatures give electric heaters a significant advantage over other heating machines.

House Season 7 Episode 9 Larger Than Life Shows Heroism Collapsing


With House yet again into a sophisticated diagnostic chapter, rummaging
hard for a clue, fans of the show would hold their breath as he
meanders with his skill tucked beside. S07E09 of the sitcom brings a
story, which is, as the title suggests, “Larger Than Life”. All we need
to do is wait and be patient. The
show has maintained the viewership, the propensity of its viewers and
the fine storyline it has lured its viewers with. The latest episode of
House brings in three guest appearances and all of them are relevant to
the story. This has been the best part that David Shore, the creator of
the show, has always managed to keep a check on. House Season 7 Episode 9 “Larger Than Life” proves the point yet again.House
and his team are working to diagnose the symptoms of a man everyone is
putting up on with high regards. It is not a small deed to risk one’s
own life to save a stranger after he falls onto subway tracks. The man
(Matthew Lillard) does exactly that. He comes out of the scene
unscathed, but collapses a second later. The team discovers that though
it was a life-changing deed, it certainly was not sufficient to break
his old habits. Not everything can be told now, so if you want to get a
total grasp, why not catch the House online and enjoy the show at
leisure, without worrying about missing it when it’s released?While
we are at it, let me tell you something more. House is trying to avoid
Cuddy’s birthday dinner with her opinionated mother Arlen, who happens
to be the second guest star in the latest season 7 episode 9, and she
is our very own Candice Bergen! Now, it is not just House, who happens
to compel us to download this show, but there is someone else as well,
who is pretty much in the loop. Yes, it is none other than Taub.Watch
Taub as his face addresses the billboards advertising the hospital. Not
only that, he and his wife reignite a steamy physical relationship that
would only draw further attention, wouldn’t it? Watch House season 7 episode 9 online, in case you happen to miss the show on its official release. That’s very much normal, to miss a show. Relax!Another
thing that fans do consider normal is to download an episode when it
sways their mind with its brilliancy. House does on a regular basis, so
it only becomes mandatory to barge in on the House season 7 episode 9 download
link, when it comes. so, even though, things may not turn out to be
promising on certain occasions for the characters in the show, they
will always be promising for us, the viewers!



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Getting a Handyman Estimate


Hiring a handyman can be a great idea for a specific project or just for catching up on chores around the house. Some examples of jobs that they’re perfect for include painting, building a deck, shelves, constructing a backyard fence, repairing a broken pipe or patching up drywall.Many homeowners can perform an array of tasks on their own, but some tasks may be out of their league of expertise. A handyman is one step between a savvy DIYer and a fully certified licensed contractor. Certain jobs such as electrical, roofing and plumbing installation may be better left to the certified and registered contractors. If the occupation requires a license, such as for an electrician or plumber, it’s for good reason. Both electricity and water should be treated with respect; to work with either in a haphazard way can damage belongings, structure and inhabitants’ lives.If there is a repair, patch job or building project that is appropriate for a handyman, it will be important to obtain an estimate. Here are some things to think about:Hourly or By the JobSome individuals prefer to work by the hour because they don’t want to be surprised when a task takes much longer than they’d expected. While the hourly wage doesn’t seem so pricey initially, it can add up to big money when the unexpected occurs. Depending on the worker, he or she might not be in much of a hurry to get the job done if the tab is running as the task is in progress.It’s best to get an estimate for each task. An example is: Cupboard installation in the kitchen for a total of $250. If the worker just says $25/hour, it could take several days and escalate into an expensive bill. Know up front what the cost will be. An experienced worker should have a good idea of timeframe and give the estimation accordingly.Written Down Words can sometimes be misunderstood. Verbal communication glitches do happen. It’s best for all concerned if the price tag is agreed on and written in ink. Ask whether cleanup, picking up supplies and hauling away debris are all included in the estimated charges. Never assume anything, and have these details spelled out in ink.Get a Time FrameAsk how long the job will take, as well as the date and time it will be started. Neither party should cancel or reschedule without some advance notification. This is a respectful business practice.Alone or with Help? It’s always wise to find out who will be at your house doing the work. It’s also important to make sure that the helper is being paid out of the total, not as an additional cost.A handyman can repair and maintain a person’s home in order to keep it in tiptop shape. This is a great way to preserve the valuable asset that one’s home constitutes.



So you want to add on to your home, but you just can’t go it alone. No worries, because if you live in Chula Vista handyman services available locally can make sure your project is soundly completed. To find one in that area, check out

Remodel Your Kitchen From Cabinets To Tile

Remodeling your kitchen will improve the function of your home and will also increase the resale value. Some things to consider when thinking of remodeling your kitchen include cabinet styles, counter tops, appliances and tile style.

When deciding on cabinet styles you first have to decide whether you would like to build your own or purchase ones already built. There are many websites and home stores that can provide you with the materials to build your own. If you chose to purchase already built cabinets or build to suit cabinets your next step would be to decide on what type of cabinets you would like. You can choose from a variety of styles and finishes including woods or laminates. Which ever way your chose to go, make sure you pick a cabinet style that will fit the mood and design of your kitchen and home.

When deciding on kitchen countertops you must first choose what type of countertop material you would like. Some of the most popular picks include granite, ceramic, laminates, marble and stainless steel. Once you choose the material you must decide whether to install it yourself or have it professionally installed. If you choose to install it yourself there are many do it yourself books and websites that will walk you thru the process of removing your old counter top and replacing it with your new one. If you choose to have it professionally done, it is as easy as going into your local home store deciding on your countertop and setting up an appointment to have it installed.

The most important thing when choosing your kitchen appliances is to choose ones that will match the mood and design of your kitchen. If you have a more modern kitchen you may want to go with stainless steel; if your kitchen is more country you may want to stick to your basic black or white. When designing your new kitchen, you may also want to consider having built in appliances. Once you decide which type of appliances you want, you have many options for purchasing them; online, home stores and electronic stores all offer appliances now.

One of your final steps in completing your new kitchen is choosing your backsplash tile. You have many options for choosing your style such as glass, stone, marble, mosaic tile and moroccan tile. Two of the more popular styles are the mosaic and moroccan which are both available for you to purchase online. Once you have purchased these onlineHealth Fitness Articles, most sites will offer you detailed information on how to install the tiles properly. Backsplash tiles are also available for purchase at home good stores and most will also come and install them for you.

Artificial Bamboo Plants Better Outdoor Enhancement For Your Home

You are now considering having some home improvement today but you don’t know where to start.  Probably, you have many ideas in your mind but putting it in order seems way too far for you.  You don’t know how to begin your ideas and you just hesitant to try your simple improvements since you might get wrong along the way.  But, you should have the notion that improvements could be difficult at times and if you don’t take some risk to do it, you will just be ending up thinking that what will be the result if you take some steps to do the improvements you have in mind.  Life is a matter of taking considerable amount of risk in order to survive and such concept applies to all situations in life.

On the other hand, if you have no ideas in mind about certain improvements you can have for your home, you should start with improving your surroundings if you are hesitant to touch the interior parts of your house.  You can begin with your garden by improving your landscape or buying new plants to make better appearance.  You can also buy some artificial plants like the artificial outdoor bamboo plants that well suited in your entrance gate.  Its color and structure looks like real and people will think that you just plant bamboos in your garden which will give a new twist in your garden’s appearance.

The outdoor artificial bamboo plants can also best placed alongside your house fences to serve as a barrier instead of buying the artificial hedge screens.  You will be assured that the outdoor artificial bamboo plants are low in maintenance, thus installing it in your garden will not give you many problems as far as watering plants and taking care of it are concern.  You save ample time for other house chores you have every day.

Moreover, the artificial bamboo plants can be used as outdoor decoration when place in some large colorful planters.  It will look good in your front door or in your patio as well.  Remember, do not forget to buy the best planters for your artificial bamboo plants and that it should not be overly decorated.  Since when you want to display it outdoors, simple but elegant design is a lot better.  Home improvements need not be grandiose but rather, simplicity is beauty which will make your home dashingly beautiful.  ThusFind Article, home improvement should complement with each other and simple but important things will greatly enhance the total appearance of your home.

Get Home Insurance Quotes Online


 Thus it is important for you to cover your home against all these odds, by buying a good home insurance policy.A smart customer will look for both, a cheap cost and a high coverage while buying a policy. It is important to protect your house from odds like fire, thefts etc., but a smart customer will demand for all this in the most nominal price available. Everyone wants a good coverage for his/her home, and with thousands of companies now present in the market to help you get good policies at reasonable prices, everyone can afford to get the best policy for his/her house. All these insurance companies are competing to expand their business and thus there happen to be many opportunities for you to get a pretty good coverage for your house and that too at affordable prices.Earlier, the problem was that it was very time consuming to shop for a home insurance policy. In the past days, one had to look for different companies and then call them individually, trying to get help on buying the policy. This used to take hours and sometimes even days. But now the scenario is completely different. Thanks to the internet, that makes it available for the customers the home insurance quotes for different companies. Thus, there is no need for you to call different companies individually and ask for their quotes and then struggle your mind to find the best one for you. To get the home insurance quotes online, all you need to do is to fill a form, and the required details about your house and the approximate amount of coverage that you are looking for. Once you fill in these details, quotes of different companies will be there in front of you, just a click away. Thus, by using the information on the internet, it is easy to get these quotes in a short span of time, and it is more convenient than spending hours in calling different companies, and spending the entire day.



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