School Badges

If you are in charge of running a school then you may be surprised at just how much school badges can help you with your mission for a smooth running school. Firstly think back to the start of the last school year. There are usually lots of new pupils, often new teachers and certainly new classroom layouts. This can make the whole thing very confusing for everyone involved. The whole process can be made a lot easier if everyone wore name badges. Each school year could have different coloured badges and that way everyone knows who is likely to be in their classes and who isn’t. The form teachers for each year can also wear the same colour. This gives people an easy way of knowing who to speak to for help or who to make friends with. This can be a great way of getting shy children interacting with each other. It will also make the teacher’s job a lot easier, as they will have lots and lots of new names to learn.

Of course it is not just at the start of the new year that school badges can help and in fact it is not just as name badges that they are supplied for. You could have a set of badges for prefects and children that should be acknowledged for doing particularly well. These can be somewhat of an accolade and only given to children that really deserve them – almost like a trophy or medal.

We often have different teams in school that compete against each other in lots of different ways. You could have sets of team school badges made up so that everyone knows who is on their team. This can make things a lot easier especially when teams are new and not everyone is sure who is who.

Then of course if you have a buddy system in your school where older children are picked to help out the newer and younger ones, you could ask them to wear buddy badges so that they stand out from the crowd and the small children know who to turn to for help should they need it.

All of these are viable reasons for maybe needing school badges. There are lots of other reasons and the great news is because there are so many different designs when it comes to these school badges you should have no problem at all in finding something that matches what you are looking for. offers some great products; including School Badges . We’re priced for a competitive market; visit us today for more information on Name Badges .

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School Supplies

When it comes to buying school supplies most of us have the basics in mind, such as books and binders, pens and pencils, book bags and lunch boxes. And if you have young children you have to get that certain transformers tote bag or that particular Dora the explorer pencil case. But there is one very important tool that not many parents or students consider. If your child is in grade six or above their life at school will be a whole lot easier if they have this.

A studying manual. A guide that teaches you how to get A’s in any subject you take. A guide that will teach you the proper techniques and strategies to spend less time in front of the books and get A’s on every test or exam you write. When a student gets into high school, it will be very important to reach a certain level of grades. This is especially true if the student wants to further their education and go on to university or college.

Some universities and colleges require certain grades in certain subjects to be accepted into their programs.

Many students just do not know how to study. I know my daughter did not and I couln’t seem to explain it to her. What worked for me did not seem to work for her. Each student is unique in their own way and the staying after school for extra help helped some but it was not the answer when it came to exam time.

I found the answer in a guide that actually taught her how to spend less time and achieve better results. She was able to go from 63.4 average to a 91.7 from mid-terms to final exams. Needless to say she got that new bike she wanted after finishing grade 7 with marks like that. I was so proud of her.

One of the biggest problems facing our children today with regards to their marks in school is that they don’t know how tp properly study. For a few students this comes naturaly, but for most it does not. When buying school supplies this year for your child, consider the fact that your child could be getting A’s and not C’s if they just knew the proper techniques to study for that upcoming exam. There is a very successful guide that will teach your child how to get the best grades with the least amount of work. The guide has been so successful that it has had to be reprinted different times to different languages like Chinese, Polish, French and Romanian. You can also find the guide plus some other interesting things at You can even get a mini course on how to speed study just for visiting the site. How many books have you bought that come with a 60 day money back gaurantee? This one does.

Cell Phone Jammer Become a Good Tool in Education

Even cell phones are forbidden in many schools. Students are never afraid of that and use cell phones at school surreptitiously or barefacedly.

What if students bring cell phones to school? Would the method below be effective?

“Personal technology must be OFF (not on vibrate or silent) and CONCEALED during the school day. Students in violation of this policy will have their personal technology confiscated. The first time it is confiscated, a student can pick it up from the office at the end of the school day. The second time it is confiscated, a parent must pick it up from the office between 8:40 and 4:40 pm. Student are not permitted to text or call individuals inside or outside of the school at anytime during the school day. Individuals outside of the school building (such as parents) are not permitted to text or call a student at anytime during the school day.”

Obviously, it’s not easy to carry out.

Don’t you think a cell phone jammer could be a good tool to solve this problem?

A cell phone jammer is an instrument used to prevent cellular phones from receiving signals from base stations.

When used, the jammer effectively disables cellular phones. These devices can be used in practically any location, but are found primarily in places where a phone call would be particularly disruptive because silence is expected.

So long as each teacher bring a cell phone jammer to classroom, turn it on when class begains, no one can use his cell phone but concerntrate to learning knowledge.