Increasing Home Value through Home Renovation

A home purchase is probably one of the biggest investments that an individual, or a family for that matter, would ever make in their lifetime. Some may settle for such an investment only once in their lives, conduct home renovation or home remodeling projects from time to time, then stick to the property for a very long time. Some people may be blessed more than others and would have more opportunities to upgrade their current abode to a bigger and much better unit or property. Others, such as entrepreneurs and investors, may consider buying and selling homes a lucrative business and would do this often and on a regular basis.

The current financial crisis has put a dent to the housing industry and has affected median home prices tremendously, whether you are located in California or in Boston, Massachusetts. The market is now more competitive than ever as a rash of foreclosure properties are also vying for positions in the market. The only option left to homeowners is to increase the value of their homes in order to compete in the market. The best way for them to have such an increase is through home renovation.

People looking for a new home are not only looking at the price tags prospective homes carry but on several other factors. Most would try to look at such factors and elements whenever they conduct ocular inspections on a prospective home, and most would simply be turned off and walk away if they see that the home they are looking at failed to satisfy their expectations.

The following home improvement tips focus on certain areas in the home that most home buyers would take into consideration in their home selection process.

Home Renovation Tips that Can Increase Your Home Value

* Curb appeal or what the external areas in your house would look like would be the first window that prospective homebuyers would look for in a home. Great landscaping and an awesome lawn never fails to catch the attention of people passing by and those seeking for a new home would definitely want to set foot inside a home with a great looking exterior such as the one you have.

* Part of the curb appeal that homes could give to prospective buyers would be the external sections of the house. An intrinsic part of your home renovation work should also focus on the exteriors of the house including walls, windows, terraces, etc. Home improvements may include repainting of surfaces or a complete change of exterior material including stone or marble.

* A big increase to your home value can be achieved by improving your roof. Investing on a totally new roof would not be such a bad idea if you have the finances for it. The quick returns in terms of raising the home value significantly may be well worth the investment.

* From the exteriors, your home remodeling project to increase the value of your home should now move to the interiors. Walls and other surfaces would be the first eye-catchers so you definitely have to invest in repainting, change of materials or enhancing surfaces and countertops.

* Home renovation would not be complete if there would be no significant change in the flooring. It would be wise to consider moving away from the use of carpets and linoleum as floor covering and move on to ceramic tiles, stone, laminated floors or the natural beauty of hardwood. Such changes would swell your home value significantly.

* Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling are some focus areas that you would need to consider to drastically lift the value of your home and catapult it to the next level. Custom home builders can help you design and build such awesome changes in your home that can be competitive against most modern and stylish homes.

Home renovation will definitely cost the homeowners a significant amount for investment but the returns would be far more significant in terms of raising the value of the home to a much higher level.

Roger James Martin is a fully licensed General Contractor and Team Leader for Divisions Unlimited Inc, an environmentally conscious Custom Home Builder specializing in new custom home construction, custom home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom remodeling for residential or light commercial properties.