School Supplies and Schedules – Getting Back on Track

Article by Seomul Evans

It is that time of year again — you know, the time of year when you are running around buying school supplies, looking for discount school supply stores, trying to get it all together… While many parents look forward to this time of year for obvious reasons, they also know the trouble they will have to go to in order to be properly prepared. Getting back on track with school supplies and schedules is a job in and of itself.

During the summer, kids get used to staying up later and getting up when it suits them. When the school season rolls around, it can be difficult to get used to getting up in the morning. It is wise to get a start on going to bed and getting up early. If you start a week or two ahead of time, the transition will be much easier. Start by getting your children out of bed a couple of hours earlier one day. The first day, they will be sleep deprived, but it will be easier for them to get to bed earlier that night. Every day or two set their alarms earlier until they are getting up at the regular time for getting ready for school.

Discount School Supplies

In order to find the best deals on school supplies, you will need to start early. Get a list of needed classroom supplies from teachers if you can. This way, you won’t waste valuable time and money buying unnecessary supplies or end up scrambling to get needed items after school has already begun. You can find discount school supplies in dollar stores and at school supply store sales. Look online for great deals, too. Classroom supplies may include specific books for reading or specific types of binders and folders. Many of these things can be found at online school supply stores for less money than you might think. Backpacks, lunch boxes and planners are easily found online for discount prices. Take advantage of low-cost shipping and you have an edge over time as well as expenses.

Discount school supplies are not the only deals you can find early. Your children will need clothes and shoes as well. Unless your children have stopped growing, it is likely you will have to purchase a whole new wardrobe for them. Being prepared means budgeting for school clothes as much as for classroom supplies. For the best deals on clothing, check warehouse outlets and consignment shops. Shopping online can allow you to comparison shop without the hassle of driving from store to store.

Don’t wait until the bell has rung before asking the important questions about bus scheduling and extra-curricular activities. If you call and make an appointment to meet with teachers or office people before school starts, you may even be able to get all the paperwork out of the way. We all feel overwhelmed when our children bring home medical permissions and information slips, contact questionnaires and various other papers for us to sign. Those who have more than one child can find themselves sitting at the table all evening, wading through the paperwork. If you get this done early, you won’t have to think about it on their first day of school. That clears more time for you to spend listening to them recount their experience on the first day of school.

School supplies can include necessary organization for the home, too. A great idea is to put up a wall calendar that contains all appointments and activities as well as project due dates. Carefully marking these dates makes it easier when it comes to making appointments. This way, you aren’t rushing through the house, phone in hand, trying to find the paper that tells what time the class play (basketball practice, choir…) starts in order to make an appointment for early enough in the day to make it to the school on time.

Being prepared with school supplies and scheduling will go a long way towards making the transition from vacation to school smooth and easy.

Seomul Evans is a Dallas internet marketing consultant for leading Teaching Supplies retailer (American Classroom Supply).

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