APD’s Web-based Reporting Tool Helps Police Forces Increase Staff Productivity and Transparency

Article by APD Communications

New software tool empowers forces by improving data and reporting accuracy

24th March 2010 – APD Communications announces today the launch of INCA Reports, a powerful, secure, web-based reporting tool. Designed for the emergency services sector, INCA Reports provides a level of granularity never seen before in the sector helping forces to improve productivity levels, make more informed decisions and redeploy officers to the streets.

The reporting tool provides police officers access to on-demand data and scheduled reports. By providing an accurate view of vehicle history, incidents can be reviewed more comprehensively. Using INCA Reports, officers can ensure optimum use of resources, preventing over deployment of vehicles and ensuring that critical areas have sufficient resource available at all times.

INCA Reports also provides staff with the tools to effectively manage operational costs and staff productivity; support strategic initiatives (such as the reduction of carbon footprints and compliance with Duty of Care legislation); improve health and safety; allow forces to adhere more easily to the requirements of the Policing Pledge.

Leveraging robust SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), INCA Reports provides police forces with a highly scalable reporting product, capable of analysing a variety of data sources. Staff can use the tool to create, manage, and deliver reports via any web-connected PC. Reports can be exported to a range of popular formats (including PDF, HTML, Word, Excel). Staff can interactively explore data within reports by selecting it and clicking through to map areas, reducing the chance of information being misinterpreted.

All reports can be created quickly via user-friendly dashboards, allowing staff to select individual or groups of vehicles, by a range of factors such as class, type or location. Using APD’s ‘GeoFilter Editor’ software within INCA Reports, staff can configure reporting areas to be any size or shape by simply clicking on an online map. If forces receive multiple incident reports, hotspot areas can be saved enabling reports to be created instantly, which improves productivity levels and lets forces respond to public enquiries more swiftly.

Traditionally, most forces were required to allocate a number of officers to review data and reports were produced infrequently, as the reporting processing could be lengthy. Using INCA Reports, this process can be done by a single person in hours rather than days, allowing staff to be redeployed in the field where they are most needed. Due to the web-based nature of INCA Reports, staff can review and generate reports and set up GeoFilters remotely rather than having to return to the force’s control room.

In-built security protocols prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing reports and access to INCA Reports is logged ensuring complete compliance with the Management of Police Information (MOPI) policy.

Steve Denison, Managing Director, APD Communications, comments: “The Policing Pledge, which promises a police service focused on the public’s needs, and the need to improve productivity levels across a number of public services, means it is the perfect time to launch INCA Reports. We believe the product will become a critical tool for public services looking to measure performance and improve productivity of mobile personnel, while ensuring compliance with government legislation.” Denison adds:”Not only will INCA Reports deliver a level of data analysis that improves decision-making but it will enable officers to report confidently against metrics posed regionally and nationally by the government. In addition, the ability to provide data to help improve a force’s performance against the Policing Pledge guidelines is also a major advantage of this solution. The price point and upgrade programme means that the product can be tailored to the needs of each police force in the country.”

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