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Article by Pitter Parker

An Essay is a short composition that explains a subject. An essay portrays the imagination of the author blended with the facts. This art of essay writing is a form of expression what the author feels about a particular topic.

Essay writing needs certain skills and certain methods to be undertaken in order to bring out the correct essence. One needs to know the correct tips and tricks to write a good essay. The most important part in an essay is the opening sentence as it binds the reader to the topic and also presents the gist of it. Also it depends on the introductory sentence whether the reader reads the essay or not.

School education also tests the students in various manners other than regular writing essay tests and examinations. The students are required to present their knowledge and understanding in a form of presentations and writing papers. This increases the workload for the students leaving them lesser time for self-study and recreation, which are also equally important. So essay writing, writing tips and project help is also required to ease the burden on the students.

At platform, we provide the school students with expert writing tutors in various subjects. Our writing help service is available for K-12/School and College students. Our tutors have Masters or Ph.D. degree in their respective fields, which explains their strong command on writing good essays. Due to their years of experience in writing essays, they have prior knowledge of the topics which might give the students a hard time.

Essay writing can be done proficiently if all the advices are followed in a proper way. We at teach students the art of good essay writing. We provide the help according to the requirements of the students. If student wants to go through certain sample essays, we provide them with sample essays.

The PERFECT Essay should contain strong subject matter to support and the topic and the last should be a summary paragraph to support the conclusion.

We also provide short tips and tricks for essay writing. If there is someone who wants to learn essay writing from scratch, then they can learn essay writing from our online tutors. We also provide help with the topics and make the students practice so that they would be able to attempt writing good essays.

Our expert writing tutors provide writing help and tips on various topics as given by students. Here is the list of most common types of essays that can help students on their paper writing activities:

Persuasive or Argumentative Comparison Descriptive Evaluation Narrative

Academic education in schools and college, many times class-room teacher give essay writing assignments to students based on these types of an essay as follows: —

Custom Critical Cause and Effect Thesis or Dissertation

School students should very careful while writing on these type of essays. The purpose of these types of essay writing is to form judgment on certain ideas, places, services, etc. basing on fact and clear-cut criteria.

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