Shenzhen Primary And Secondary Schools To Install Monitoring Probe On The 15th Gate

Article by hi joiney

How to effectively protect the safety of students in Shenzhen 1 million? Shenzhen police have given the answer: a number of measures simultaneously, heavy fist campus renovation Crime. 6, 11 Road, Shenzhen police initiated security, in-depth the city’s 50 primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, school safety site inspection and supervision work. Deputy Mayor, Municipal Public Security Bureau Lee lead the team in Luohu District 3 school inspection and supervision. Morning 6:30, Lee first came to the people of North Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen is located in Shenzhen on the 18th Street School for inspection and supervision. Examination, Lee Learn more about school-safety Prevention Measures taken, the field view the school’s video control room and guard duty room. Police service for the community, schools out of registration, guard duty, equipped with protective equipment, security, skills training and schools around specific issues such as law and order situation, Lee conducted careful inquiries. Subsequently, Lee has examined the primary and handsome kindergartens in Shenzhen. For schools to implement safety precautions with the relevant departments to achieve results, Lee fully affirmed. To further strengthen safety management on campus, Lee made 6 specific requirements: First, the community police, traffic police, patrol officials to strengthen the school, school campuses around the peak of fixed duty, found the problem promptly disposed of; school campus security personnel to do internal security to prevent the same time, extend to the surrounding campus, with the police, patrol officials to strengthen active inventory of suspicious persons; Second, on the 15th of this month, the city’s primary and secondary schools need to install the control gate Probe And access to the police station video control room, all-weather concerns the security situation around the campus; community organizations undercover police to an ambush operation against the surrounding campus Pick, Robbery, extortion and other criminal activities; Third, district education, public security departments for school security with long batons and other protective equipment, the community police to strengthen security personnel to catch the protection skills; Fourth, the traffic police department police force should be organized to enhance students school, during school Traffic Ease; 5 is the Public Security Bureau received on campus or involving students in the safety of police intelligence should be the first time a police rapid reaction; 6 is the primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, schools have to do the work of internal management, especially to do a good job Food Safety supervision and inspection. On the staff or the conflict between parents and school dispute investigation and mediation, and remove various security vulnerabilities. Lee stressed that the city has more than one million primary and secondary students, the children’s safety affects parents and the community’s heart. Therefore, districts, streets, and authorities should concentrate responsibility, sound system, and strengthen measures to fully carry out social engineering campus safety precautions in order to create for the safety of students, parents, rest assured the good Environment. Nanshan emergency recruitment of 500 security guards 7 days, Nanshan district in the area started on campus safety special checks, Nanshan police will start the emergency recruitment mechanism for the region more than 270 schools and kindergartens with more than 500 security guards, the implementation of “one school police One Guard member “to ensure the safety of students. Longgang full installation of automatic warning devices 7 days, Longgang District, school safety emergency arrangements, campus surrounding environment and so on. Longgang district of the campus will be fully installed video surveillance equipment and alarm devices, and networking with the local police station, installed for the school with strong security force, dispensing the necessary protective equipment and defense equipment, improve the campus

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