Your Handyman: How To Help Them Help You


If you are considering hiring a handyman, chances are there are a couple
things around the house that really need to get done. It can be tough
to keep track of each and ever project and the materials that will be
needed. By making a list, you keep yourself organized and ensure that
your helper knows exactly what needs to be done.

Go Room by Room

Bring paper and something to write with and walk through each room of
your house. You can make a list for the handyman of the tasks for each
room. Even if there is something that you aren’t sure about, add it now
and think about it later. If it helps, you can start at the left and
work your way around until you are done.

When you leave a room, draw a line under those items and title the next
section with the name of the room. When the he arrives, this list will
give him a clear picture of just what you need done and where. It can
also help him determine the amount of time that he will be working to
get everything done.


Once the list is complete, it is time to go back through and jot down
the materials that you will need for each job. While your he may be
bringing some of his own supplies, you will need to choose things like
curtains or ceiling fans if you want these things installed.

Take a day and gather everything that you will need. If you have the
supplies available it is easier to just keep working instead of breaking
to go to the store several times a day. Keeping all of the supplies
together will make it easier for your handyman. He can go to the same
place for all of the tools and parts that he will need.


With a list of tasks and the materials needed, you probably have a
pretty good idea of how much work your handyman is going to be doing.
Now it is time to choose which tasks are most important. If you have
company coming in a week and they are going to be staying in the
unfinished guest room, this may be something that you want to put on top
of the list. Maybe all of the air filters need to be replaces, but
those aren’t really your top priority, so they can be done whenever.

A prioritized list make sure that you and the person helping you are on
the same page. He can work without needed to ask a lot of questions or
constantly find out what needs to be done next. You can rest assured
because you know just what is being done and in what order, making all
of the repairs and projects fit in with your busy schedule.

Really spend some time creating a list with detail and information. This
can be one of the most important things that you do to prepare for a
visit from the handyman.



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