Doctor, OB GYN, Caregiver – Choosing the Right Specialist For You


An obstetrician practices prenatal care, overseeing the health of the
expected mother and her unborn baby as well as delivering the baby. A
doctor of OB GYN will continue to see the new mother post childbirth for
the first few months as well. He is trained to diagnosis and treat
medical problems associated with the reproductive health of women.

If you’re looking for a doctor, your starting place is usually with
friends or family members who can give you the recommendation of a
doctor they use and like. Once you have a few recommendations you can
start by asking the receptionist a few questions before you even
interview the doctor.

If you have insurance coverage you will need to find out if your
potential doctor accepts your insurance. And if they do, what hospital
do they have privileges at? Do those hospitals accept your insurance?

Other questions include where are they located? You will need to decide
if the location is convenient for you or not. If you rely on public
transportation, can you get there easily? If the doctor isn’t available
when you call with a question or concern is there an on call nurse or
doctor to help you? How long does it take for someone to return your
call? What hours are they open? Are those hours convenient for your work
and life schedule or will you barely be able to squeeze in around your
other life commitments such as school or work?

If you’re satisfied with your pre screening interview, schedule a visit
with the doctor to interview them. You should feel comfortable with any
potential OB GYN and you should feel they are listening to your concerns
and answering your questions. Do you feel rushed in your appointments
or does your doctor take enough time to answer your questions and
explain anything you don’t understand?

It may seem like an involved process to select your OB GYN but in the
end the work you put into selecting your doctor will be worth the effort
involved. Your specialist is someone you will likely be seeing for a
long time and who you pick now can end up providing your care for a long
time down the road.



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