Garage Doors: Exploring Design Alternatives


As the function and position of the garage has evolved, so has its importance in a home’s design. Garage doors are usually the largest detached piece that is visible from the outside of a house.They are capable of either improving a home’s overall appearance or just serving as another neutral wall space. For this reason it is important that their appearance be taken into consideration when replacing them or when building a new one. Here are some tips for selecting a new door.Seek harmonyWhile the ultimate goal might be to identify garage doors that will enhance the appearance of one’s home, that perfect look won’t be much appreciated if the doors are not also functional. So the most attractive result will be the one the best combines style and function.When considering the functionality of a door, start by asking yourself about how the room is used. Do the doors need to move sideways, or lift up? Does the room need natural light? What type of traffic patterns does the door need to be able to accommodate?How important is security? When looking at specific style elements, such as shutters, ask yourself how you envision those working and how much space will be required.Seek compatibilityThe best looking Garage doors are going to serve to highlight the rest of the house and let the other architectural elements shine. Its style should complement the rest and not fight with it. Take a survey of the overall look of the house – is it grandiose or light and airy?Rustic or refined? Reflective of a particular building style? Are there certain recurring shapes or patterns such as curves or linear indentations that can be carried through the architecture? Often use of color or decorative hardware can be used to bring together the elements of the house with the doors.Seek foundationContemporary garage doors can be built from a variety of materials from traditional wood to steel to composites. Each type of material has a unique look as well as functionality.To help give you an idea of what material will be best used for the door, start by looking at what materials are used in the design of the home, both the major and minor facets. Then look at how these elements been assembled. You may find some unique design elements in your home that can be reflected in garage doors.



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