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Doing simple home improvement task can greatly change the value of your house. You may spend less time on the market for sale if you take the time now to do a few renovations or improvements. The key here is to not think too extravagant because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Think small improvements for a big payoff.One thing that you can do to dramatically increase the value of your house is switch from carpet to hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are extremely popular among homebuyers right now. You will be able to tap into a larger market by switching even just one room from carpet to hardwood. This is a project that you can do yourself with a little research. You will need to look into getting the right tools to rip up carpet and carpet nails. If there are original hardwood floors underneath the carpet, your job may become a little bit eaiser. Although you will have to spend money to lift up any sticky residue left by years of carpet mats, you will You will also need to plan for cleaning any stains left behind on the original floors. After you have cared for those stains, you can easily repair, oil and wax the original floor to make it extremely attractive. Of course, if there aren’t hardwood floors underneath the carpet, then your home improvement project may be a little more complicated and a bit more expensive. However, consider the investment worth it, because you will be able to more easily seel the house once it is on market. Before pulling up the carpet and padding, you will want to research the kinds of flooring styles you will want to use as replacement. You may be able to cheat and find a lower cost laminate or hardwood floor like product. Again, though, consider the potential buyers and what they might want in a home. If you think that you can easily sell it regardless of the quality of the replacement floor, you are welcome to take that option. However, the more you invest the greater the value may become. You may want to consider green improvements when looking at hardwood floors or other upgrades. Sustainable and environmentally friendly products are extremely popular in today’s market. People are looking for homes with a certain air of responsibility. For example, you could consider replacing your carpets with bamboo flooring rather than hardwood. Bamboo is popular because of its sustainability and durability. It is an extremely environmentally friendly flooring product. There are other home improvement projects you can do to help raise the value of your home. Look into re-staining woodwork, replacing windows and giving the walls a fresh coat of paint in a trendy color. Sometimes people need to see the potential of a house in order to see them selves living in it. A home improvement may be able to increase the value of your house.

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