The Interior Design Contractor


Since a contractor is a self-employed freelance businessman, the field of interior design offers many options for those who wish to run and own their own business. An interior designer may choose to work in individual homes, or may choose to move into the commercial world of business and office building décor. It all starts with a natural flair for design and requires other business accumen that can be obtained through education.Color DesignColors can create a warm relaxing atmosphere, a cool refreshing atmosphere, or even a chaotic stressful atmosphere! It all depends on how many colors are used, and the palate they are chosen from. One rule of thumb that many interior designers apply is the 60-30-10 rule, where their dominant color uses up 60% of the wall space, furniture and artwork. The secondary color takes up 30% of the space, and the accent color is a mere 10%. This keeps a room from feeling like a stressful sea of colors!Current Styles and Trends combined with Creativity and OriginalityHome owners and business managers alike want to appear up to date with the modern trends and interior design styles. A typical business will probably desire a modern, sleek look with classic tones and elegant styles. Home owners will probably put their personal spin on up to date trends based on their individual personalities and already owned furniture. It won’t hurt an interior designer to create their own personal design niche. Find an element of design that’s trendy, but unique to you!Arranging FurnitureThe knowledge for how spacing works in a room is crucial to any interior design business. In homes you’ll be arranging entertainment sets, couches, and other living room décor to provide a comfortable and convenient living space that invites conversation and family-friendly activities. The kitchen needs to be easy to get around as your client cooks, and may also provide a breakfast nook space for meals. A den may invite cozy lounging, while the dining room needs a formal atmosphere. Know how to work with your clients current possessions or suggest new items that fit the budget.Business SkillsGood communication is crucial in any type of job, but especially in the realm of interior design, even more so if you’re a contractor. A home owner is counting on you to provide a welcoming atmosphere, while a business owner desires a professional, but also welcoming tone. The interior design contractor needs to be able to take the desires of their client and use his or her skills to turn them into sophisticated reality.Overall, the job of an interior designer requires more than meets the eye! But for those who love to decorate, organize, design and plan new living spaces, the extra business education is definitely worth the effort!



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