5 Dining Room Design Ideas

Just the other
day, I was sitting at the dinner table drinking a glass of wine and looking
around, when some interesting ideas came into mind regarding dining
room furniture
design. I immediately got up and applied this to my
dining room as well as to other rooms in the house, and was very happy with the
results. Here then are the ideas I had, that you can apply in your own house, 5
tips for design.


1. Put some
style into it: This doesn’t mean that you should get crazy about things.
Rather, it means that you should know what you like, your specific style, and
try to apply it in everything that you do. So while some people prefer more
traditional styles, such as Amish
oak furniture
, others like a more contemporary look. You should put
your own style into your furniture and house at every chance.


2. Match but
don’t mismatch color: Color is a very important element to any house. Once
you’ve familiarized yourself with your preferred style, you should be sure to
match colors correctly – while avoiding bad combinations. You wouldn’t want a
dark wooden table next to a very light finish dining room hutch.  Similarly, avoid too many strange colors
altogether at once, such as bright orange, blue, and purple. Sure they’re all
nice colors, but not together. You can mix, but don’t mismatch your


3. Space is
essential: Although I have spoken of the use of space elsewhere, an extra point
or two is always helpful. Recognizing the space means that you understand how
the space flows in your house. Is your house more curved or straight, open or
closed, narrow or wide? Recognizing the essential purpose of space means that
you see how it flows in your house and therefore how you can arrange your
furniture to suit the space properly.


4. The Harmony
of Arrangement: Harmony is in everything, from day to night, to musical
harmony, to the colors of the rainbow in the sky. So too with arrangement you
should seek to make things harmonious in your house. Be aware that this doesn’t
mean everything should be in a certain order. A disharmonious-harmony can be
more suited to your style, but if you like that, be sure to be consistent. If
you prefer things just slightly off, make sure everything is similarly done.
The end effect will be fantastic. 


5. Compliments
follow Complementing: If you want people to see the effort you put into your
house design, then be sure that all the pieces in the house complement each
other. This means that if you buy new dining
, make sure that it fits with that hutch. If not, then don’t
expect compliments from your friends. Even if you’ve taken into consideration
all of the above four design tips, if things don’t complement each other, then
the entire room will look strangely awkward and uneven.


So put together
furniture that complement each otherBusiness Management Articles, and you can be sure that the compliments
will follow.