Contemporary Interior Design Styles are Accented with Good Art

Contemporary – Yes, the first contemporary interior design style we will look at is actually called contemporary. When I think of the contemporary style, I think of simple and clean lines. It focuses more on function than on a lot of decorative pieces. Some people think of contemporary as being harsh and unfriendly, but when done properly, it gives a feeling of simplicity and peace. Furniture used in such a room has nice, simple straight lines, no curves or fancy carvings. The contemporary style often features black and white or neutral tones, but it is usually balanced with a well planned splash of color. This can be accomplished with a large block of bright paint on a wall or a carefully placed piece of furniture, but my favorite accent is a nice piece of modern art hanging on the wall.

Country – this style is very comfy, it uses natural material and features handcrafted items. It has been interesting to watch this style gain popularity over the last decade. If you cannot find an old piece of furniture, then it has become common to distress new pieces to make them look older. That is part of the charm of the country style. Since this style is inspired from nature, colors can vary a lot, but concentrate on greens, blues, reds, browns and whites. Any type of earthy textures and material look great. Country style is also well accented with art, though preferably something that looks hand crafted.

Art Deco – this is a style that originally appeared in the early 1920’s and 1930’s, but is returning as a interior design styles style. It took aspects of ancient cultures and combined it with modern styles. Examples of art deco can be seen everywhere, from architecture to art, and is starting to become popular again. I have an old chair from this era, and have recently noticed that new styles resemble my original chair. Art deco interior design is streamlined and geometric, usually combining straight lines with elegant curves. A mix of elements, such as wood, glass and metal is always good. Various colors can be used if the shape and forms are correct. And, since modernism was a popular art style of the time, abstract art pieces that mimic the curves and styles of the original Art Deco period is a must. This can range from geometric modern paintings, to sculptures that have that sought after curve. Art Deco is a resurgence of an older style that has become a popular contemporary interior design style of today.

There are many other contemporary interior design styles, and we will continue to look at more of them in the future. But it is important to realize that you need to choose a style that you are comfortable living in, and then accent that style with great pieces of art. Often it is a unique piece of art that can really set off a roomFree Web Content, regardless of your preferred design style.