Indian automotive suppliers have a promising future

I will not be the first one to say that Indian automotive suppliers have a promising future; analysts from consultancies, big and small, have already stated that in many of their glitzy presentations to present and propsective clients. What I am observing is a trend that is getting stronger and stronger.

OEM purchase managers across the world no longer look at India and move on, the idea is now to have a deeper look at whats happening here. But more than OEMs, it is the Tier I and some Tier II suppliers that are taking a very deep interest in India. These are the companies hardest hit by rising costs and a slump in the North American industry. For them Indian companies are ‘White Knights’, as put by one of the leading pink papers recently.

Surely, a dependable Indian supplier catering to a part of any program will mean significant cost reduction. Good for business is that Indians speak English and realise very quickly which side of the toast is buttered. Fortunately, they can also be trusted with things like drawings and blueprints, unlike the Ming and Han dienasties.

In a recent Roland Berger – SupplierBusiness survey of global automotive supplier executives, a high percentage of them listed India as the most promising destination for outsourcing. China matters too but the enthusiasm there is about the marketScience Articles, for India it is all about getting things done here.

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