Choose the Right Food to Build Muscle

Weight lifting exercises alone will not guarantee building muscle mass. You will also need the proper food to build muscle. Good nourishment is critical. Eating the right foods can have a fundamental effect upon the results of your exercise regimen. You can eat thousands of calories each day, but if they are not filled with the right nutrients, you will simply add fat to your body, not muscle. Pay attention to what you eat, and follow the guidelines given below to ensure that you are eating food to help build muscle and help you to reach your goals.

High Protein Foods

Protein is critical to any attempts to build muscle mass. Two excellent foods to build muscles are chicken and tuna. They are high in protein, not to mention delicious. Of course beef and other meats will provide protein as well, but at the expense of adding more fat to your diet. Tuna and chicken are low in fat. Remember, muscle growth requires protein.

Regulate Fat Content

Excess fat is bad for your health, but a certain amount of fat is required in your diet to build muscle. Experts recommend that you include a caloric intake that contains around 20% fat. This aids muscle growth. There are, however, many different types of fats, and only certain types are recommended. There are a number of sources for determining which fats are the best to consume. A simple Internet Google or Bing search can give you the information that you need.

Carbs and More Carbs

Carbs provide the body with the energy needed to perform all of those body building exercises. Without carbs – no energy! With no energy – no buildup of muscle! It’s a simple formula. When you exercise, you build up a hunger. We’re not talking about sugared sweets or other simple carbohydrates. Satisfy that hunger with meals of good complex carbohydrates – excellent foods to build muscle.

The Critical Importance of Water

Water is an important component of muscle development. It’s critical that you keep your body well hydrated whenever you are undergoing strenuous exercises including weight training. Good hydration gives you energy and avoids the lethargic feeling that one has when the body is not well hydrated. Don’t consider the water consumed with alcohol, teaScience Articles, or coffee as meeting your hydration needs. Cool clear water is the drink that is needed.

Eating and drinking right is an important component of building muscle. Exercise alone will not get the job done. Building muscle is a lifestyle commitment and eating the best food to build muscle is one of the lifestyle habits that will make your efforts successful.