Finding A Doctor: OB GYN Specialist


Going to the doctor or OB GYN specialist is often an uncomfortable occasion. Few women look forward to their appointment, but there are ways to make the best of it. Having a great physician that you feel you can trust is very important to help you not dread the appointment. Find out how to find the best women’s doctor for you.You might already have a general physician that you have been going to for years. If you trust his or her opinion, you can ask for a referral to a doctor specializing in gynecology. This often yields better results than simply choosing one at random from the phone book, because most physicians will only point their patients in the direction of a specialist who is experienced and trustworthy.You might get a few recommendations from your primary care physician, or you might decide to check out an OB GYN that comes recommended by other people, as well. Friends and family should also point you in the right direction toward one that they like. If the doctors you are considering have free consultations, be sure to take advantage of this policy so that you can find out which one you like most.Since most gynecology appointments involve sensitive concerns, you will be happiest going to someone you feel you can talk to. You need to be able to bring up any concerns or questions that you have without feeling embarrassed or judged. This is especially true if your physician also practices obstetrics and you plan to continue visiting him or her when you get pregnant. Feeling comfortable and able to trust your gynecologist should be one of the first points on your list, and you can usually get a feeling at the consultation.Of course, a doctor OB GYN that you can trust but that has no experience or medical training is not a good choice. Make sure your gynecologist is properly educated and has a few years of experience treating patients. Recommendations from friends and family often come into play here, since at least you know someone has used the doctor before. Some doctors have websites where they list their credentials, while many display them proudly in their office.You may not be so worried after you do some homework and find yourself a great doctor. OB GYN specialists are here to help you, so find someone you can trust and talk to and you’ll be well on your way to stellar reproductive health. Finding a great physician now means that you can likely keep going to them for years and will not have to search for a new one every year.



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