When To Visit The Doctor And When To Stay Away


Do we really need to visit the doctor’s office as much as we do? Does every little aliment and cough require a doctor’s care? When we weigh the cost, can this costly practice really be justified? Doctor’s are beginning to dispense less and less antibiotics, so the desire to get prescription drugs are less of a reason to go. Most would agree that it is time to reevaluate when we should really seek a doctors care or just stay home and let the flu take its course. The following guidelines are just for help in determining what to do the next time you feel a cold coming on.The aches and pains of the common cold or flu usually don’t justify a doctor’s intervention and can be quite normal to limit everyday activities within reason. The symptoms can be treated with a decent amount of relief with common OTC medications, while you patiently let the virus run its course, usually within 14 days. If however your condition doesn’t seem to be getting better but steadily worse, this could be a warning sign to seek a doctors care asap. A simple rash that show no signs of healing can be cause for concern, but a runny nose is not a medical emergency. Treating the symptoms usually is the commonsense thing to do, unless there are signs of more serious problems starting to surface, then seek professional medical help.It might be interesting to hear what people define as a health crisis or emergency. Uncontrollable external or internal bleeding would most likely be a reason to get to the nearest emergency room asap. Other reasons would certainly include continuous high fevers that alcohol nor ice baths can break, or breathing difficulties. All these reasons are justify seeking help very quickly.Let’s not forget about broken bones or lacerations and flesh wounds. As painful as a broken nose can be, nothing can really be done until the swelling goes done. The same is true for most cuts; if you clean and maintain them, they will heal soon on their own. If scarring is of little consequence to you most cuts will be ok unless there is some major bleeding going on that won’t stop. Broken bones will need to be set even while swollen and should always be done before the healing begins as well as x-ray-ing the damage to make sure that the internal injuries will not become problematic at a later time.While most colds, sore throats, and stomach viruses are common in more than likely seasons, they usually run their course and disappear on their own. You should only consider the services of a doctor or ER if there is nothing common about your symptoms or nothing seems to be improving, but getting worse as the time progresses. In most instances, waiting and patiently watching won’t leave you with a huge medical bill that might make you “out-of-pocket expenses” sick again.



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