New automotive electronics industry development

Moderator: Thank you, Deputy Director Liu also very grateful to the reporter friends today very active in the questions, an opportunity to ask questions, one last chance. I do not know we Guoyuan Shi no want to learn to ask the last question to take advantage of.

Question: Good afternoon, I was from the Friends of the car magazine, there is a problem would like to ask Guo Yuanshi, as one of the chief scientist of the mobile Internet design center for the National Automobile, can you talk about the establishment of the center, the development of the practical significance of the Chinese car networking

Hui Guo: car networking, now is a new automotive electronics industry, the center focused on the many many scientists, and the corporate sector a good combination. So very important in the development of automotive electronics field, together with public relations, to catch up with foreign advanced level, we have a lot of things behind, say these things like the APS, we do go by many of its patent intellectual property restrictions, we want this car networking navigation abroad is also just emerging, our joint public relations with the occupation of the higher areas, we have to establish their own, we engage in our own chips, the future for to get rid of these control, very meaningful. After the person is not willing to, we have to the forefront to make the Chinese car, Chinese automotive technology with foreign countries, at least, can go hand in hand, I feel that not every Chinese people want to see.

The establishment of our car networking center is a large thing, I want this center to run in support of the country, the joint efforts of our various enterprises can make this one, can contribute to our automotive industry to change the backward situation in the past, I think this is our Chinese people, especially technical people desire.

Moderator: Thank you, Thank you, Guoyuan Shi is very grateful to the presence of all the media were eager to question, patiently answered very grateful to the five experts, give them applause, thank our five experts, the back seat!

You live leadership, distinguished guests and media friends, this time we have today Lu Chang Beidou satellite navigation product launch, the time is almost the same, once again thank you all soon, bye!

Hui Guo: We all know that we now our country automobile production and sales terms, is now first in the world. But in terms of our automotive technical and international automotive powerhouse, Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good well as distance. The gap now appears that the gap between automotive electronics is a very important part of automotive technology gap is still a big gap in automotive electronics.

    I consider the development of information fusion axis vehicle LBS should have, and may also be able to greatly enhance our car navigation is very important to the future should be valuable.

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