Ten top tips for moving out cleaning


Moving home is ranked as one of the most stressful experiences in life, but it need not be if you employ moving out cleaner services London. If you are selling your home moving out cleaning should be at number one; no one wants to live in a dirty home, so don’t show one. At number two, when the cleaners come round tell them to clear away all the junk. That’s toys, ornaments and bits and bobs, so your prospective buyers feel like they can put their mark on the place. Three, don’t waste time asking cleaners to try their best with stains and scratches, replace carpet or damaged furniture. At four, do the dirty work. You may be able to live with superficial damage, but potential buyers won’t want to. Paint the door you have always been meaning to and make sure all the light bulbs work. Just don’t forget the lighting itself. Number five is take the time to make your home look warm and loveable. Put the lights on in all the rooms and draw the curtains back. At six, remove any pets and send the children off to the neighbours for duration of the viewing, you don’t want anything getting in the way of presenting your home as that dream property. Check out what the buyers want from a home if you can at seven. My mother always suggested having freshly baked bread on the side. Alternatively, the smell of fresh coffee will do. Number eight on the list is to do your research, what style is popular at the moment. Is it worth repainting a wall to make your home look brighter? Throw out the junk is at number nine, you won’t need all that paperwork at your new address, will you? If you can’t part with things, transfer the necessary information onto a computer. At ten, well, if you have got this far, it is time to relax, talk to estate agents about the pluses of your address and employ cleaners to do the work.



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