China’s auto supplies (Zhengzhou) Fair

June 26-28, 2009, the Chinese automotive supplies car modification, explosion-proof membrane, automotive electronics, car maintenance (Zhengzhou) Fair (first half) is a successful conclusion. From Zhengzhou Auto Supplies Exhibition of the first half to three days on-site exhibitors booth scale grand form of diversification, the popularity is relatively strong turnover total purchases compared to significantly increase over the previous year.

The Chinese automotive supplies (Zhengzhou) Fair points, second half; complete comprehensive exhibiting companies and an array of products; car film contest modified show, automotive supplies, model contest, theme activities, such as the current Zhengzhou car supplies Fair highlights not only improve the content and features of the show itself, more perspective taken by many enterprises in the automotive supplies industry marketing strategies and their product marketing idea, no doubt living in the automotive supplies industry within and outside parties play a role in revelation.

The first half highlights of Car Accessories Fair (Zhengzhou)

Large and small brands to special fashion show debut in full traditional style display does not change the true nature of

June 26-28, automotive supplies in China (Zhengzhou) Fair the first half grand meeting on the first day, I found that automotive supplies exhibition site in Zhengzhou to participate in the automotive supplies exhibition in Zhengzhou car maintenance, automotive electronics, car modification and its solar film companies are large-scale special decoration booth exhibitors, a lot of big brands like V-KOOL, master film, Bekaert, Honeywell does not change the traditional qualities of, maintain a consistent style of previous exhibition. In addition, I found the exhibition of the vehicle maintenance companies such as Red Hatt, blue color, Guangzhou, Guangzhou glory, Katai Ke; solar film companies such as Federal, Bekaert,

Main products: car dvd player and in car camera, are with good quality.

 Division for Ha Nita, WELGO Master Post The film, amber optics, sharp; modified car companies such as PIAA, etc. are nearly one hundred or one hundred scale special booth appearances, exhibitors carrying products accounted for almost industry half of each special booth not only posted the detailed The introduction of the enterprise and its core products, but also build a demo or experience of the specialty products area. You can see, with the flourishing development of the domestic automotive supplies industry, more and more companies have embarked on a brand seeking the path of development, the exhibition, a number of automotive supplies business is not only exquisite special booth appearance, more in a unique way to launch its latest product.

None other, gift Merchants began to take shape yet formed a large-scale culture

The major car maintenance, solar film, car modification, the automotive electronics business is also covered with hard tricks to attract buyers of the exhibition concept, some enterprises have even assigned specifically to staff or to hire a part-time staff in the hallways to the release of information in order to attract the buyers of the exhibition concept.