Hardwood Floors And Leaking Water Pipes

Providing your house is flooded due to plumbing situations, it might not be as devastating as a flood caused by Mother Nature, but it may still hurt hardwood floors and other belongings in a house. Cleaning the water up as fast possible is the most important thing. The less amount of time the wood is completely saturated with water, the better.

What you will want to do first of all is get off your electricity and water if you realize you have flooding taking place. It is essential to contact your insurance supplier right away. If a residence is flooded due to plumbing issues, it is usually covered under your home owner’s insurance. Your insurance agent can enlighten you what to do next about engaging a qualified company to do the clean up and someone to do the repairs that may be required.

While you are waiting for assistance to get there, you should do all you can to begin getting out things that are becoming affected by the water. When you have two floors in your living space, some small possessions may be gotten up stairs when the water is confined to the first floor. Larger furniture might have to be moved outside, if possible. Water will hurt the legs of furniture if they are exposed to it very long. If the water is not too deep, proceed to sweep or make use of a wet/dry vacuum to get all of it you can out of the home. Wet/dry vacuums are very handy for problems like this.

In the best of situations you will examine a company’s credentials before you hire them, but since it was an emergency, you might not have. If you could not when you called them, do it now. You want to find out about what they will do and the cost before they start the clean up. If they show you their qualifications and you are sure they are licensed and insured, let them get started.

Hard wood floors will probably be costly to replace, but if the water was not on the floors long enough to cause warping, they may be saved. The less money it cost your insurance business, the better for them. Other than the cost, the burden of having floors entirely replaced can take days or weeks for demolition and installment time.

There are new methods of drying hard wood floors that many specialists are using to save them. The biggest part of the flood water can be extracted and the remainder is gotten out a little at a time to reduce the chances of cupping or warping by putting vacuum panels on the floor. Dehumidifiers with HEPA filters capabilities are used to get dampness from the air and keep it clean. Using this procedure should save your existing hard wood floors and is a much more economical solution.

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