Dustless Refinishing of Hardwood Floors

Dustless hardwood floors refinishing NJ is one way to keep the house free from pollution and airborne contaminants. About 99 percent of airborne dust is eliminated with dustless hardwood floors refinishing NJ and sanding. Wood dust is potentially carcinogenic and may be harmful to people with asthma and allergies. Dust-free technology enables floor refinishing companies to refinish one’s floors without the conventional mess. The technology also protects personal belongings and families.

Dustless hardwood floors refinishing NJ should not be a do-it-yourself project as special equipment is required for one to undertake such a task. For one, this task requires specialized trucks that contain the latest in dust-free technologies.

In case one’s floor has undergone considerable wear and tear and has been damaged because of high traffic flows and patterns, floor refinishing specialists and the latest dust-free techniques in refinishing and restoring hardwood floors can restore the floor’s excellence. The process is initiated by sanding the floor down to bare wood while employing a specialized dust-containment system that eliminates virtually the generation of debris as well as creates a refinishing experience that is dust-free. The hardwood floors are stained next. If desired, the floor gets a final finish coat.

Dustless hardwood floors refinishing NJ eliminates a lot of mess. Most of these refinishing companies serve the New Jersey and New York areas. Refinishing and sanding hardwood flooring may be a messy procedure. This is unless the homeowner’s favorite refinishing company uses a floor sanding system that is virtually dustless. This particular kind of systems keeps airborne particles and dust to a minimum.

Dustless sanding is great in the refinishing of hardwood floors in: dustless sanding in retail stores, malls’ floor sanding that is dustless, shops that need floor refinishing for hardwood, outlet malls that have damaged hardwood floors, gym hardwood floors that need to be finished and sanded, refinishing of oak floors in sports facilities, and hardwood floors of skating rinks that call for large dustless sanding procedures.

These companies use the latest in techniques in sanding, collecting, and containment that allow workers to sand hardwood floors throughout Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey without the issues linked to the conventional sanding for hardwood floors. These companies can offer dustless sanding and refinishing services in these areas. The dustless procedures can be done on hardwood floors like: red oak, heart pine, barrel, antique, cherry, mahogany hardwood, maple hardwood, plank floors, floor boards that are damaged, and flooring that has been previously repaired.

With dustless hardwood floors refinishing NJ in New Jersey and other states, companies can guarantee that no dust clings to walls or drapes/carpets, no dust drifts into other areas of the house, there is no need to quarantine rooms or hang plastics, and companies can assure of a safe and clean environment for living after the refinishing work is done.

These companies also offer services that are environment-friendly. The hardwood floor is sanded and then applied with one coat of Rubio Monocoat finish. The product has 0 VOC and comes from natural waxes and plants.

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