Family Home Decorating

Nothing beats hanging out with the family. Sure, it’s crazy fun to spend time with friends and refreshingly different to relish in solitude. But let’s admit it, being with our family has a certain charm and simple happiness to it that can only be experienced with people we know best and who really know us like no other. That’s family.

This makes our home a huge chunk of our lives. Even as adults when we already live separately and move in different circles, coming home to our family’s home is like no other. For our children, the home is a place where they can just be. Hence, it is the perfect place for them to express themselves. A home, even a family house can still be an extension of each family member’s personality. Have you ever been to an ancestral home? You might know the feeling of seeing each person’s mark on the different spaces in the house.

Decorate your home as a family. Let each one make a mark in the house and not just in their bedroom. Interests, style and preferences vary but allowing each one to show themselves in the choice of color, design, materials or decorations makes a house your family’s home. Various themes can be applied in different rooms, accessories can be decorated or materials used depending on the design preferences Bottom line – let each one have a say in decorating.

What about color for the walls? Repainting is not that easy especially if you have different tastes. Compromise is the key and so are neutral colors. Neutral tones blend well with other colors, so even if you use contrasting colors in your furnishings, a neutral-colored room will still look well-polished.

If you’re not too keen about a drastic makeover such as wall repainting or furniture shopping, you can stick to accessories. These smaller items do a lot for transforming a living space. Area rugs are popular home accessories. With the wide selection in colors and designs, expressing a favorite color or style is possible. Area rugs are ideal decors too for bringing together the other decorative elements in a room.

You can apply any decorating technique or all. As long as it works for you, then it’s the right one for your home. It should be a home for your family, therefore the things in your house should also be a reflection of your personalities.

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