Revitalize Your Floors in a Single Day

There are a surprising number of homeowners across America who, to this day, have barren concrete floors buried under a mountain of seasonal storage items, bikes, gardening gear, and cardboard boxes. As well as being cold, coarse and unforgiving on the feet, and easily damaged in the event of a heavy drop, barren concrete floors are an eyesore that gets dirty fast. Porous concrete will drink up oil and grease, defying your cleaning effort to leave you with a rough-worn mop to show for it!
Barren concrete needs a cover-up. This dirty, unhospitable floor is usually covered up with garage floor treatments, but with many different options available on the market, it can be tough to know who to turn to for help. Polyurethane, epoxy, and acrylic garage floor refinishing options permeate the garage remodeling industry, but all pale in comparison to Global Garage’s patented polyaspartic blend.
Perhaps our biggest selling point is the fact that Global Garage floor refinishing options do not hold your garage space hostage for days on end. Read on to find out how you can revitalize your garage floors in a single day using one of our diverse garage floor treatments!
Global Garage guarantees outstanding outcomes every time!
It doesn’t matter if you have neglected your concrete floors for years, Global Garage floor refinishing can help! Our patented polyaspartic blend is stronger and more chemically-resistant than anything you will find on the market, and has been specially-formulated to maximize its adhesion to concrete surfaces. Our garage floor treatments cling to bare concrete in a way that is virtually unmatched in today’s garage flooring industry, meaning that you get a perfect end result regardless of the chips, chemical spills, and erosion your concrete has endured over the years. This level of adhesion is guaranteed in any weather, with our polyaspartic installation experts boasting all-season application. Whether you are trying to protect your concrete foundation from frost-heave or summer sweats, we can handle the job in time!
Get unparalleled protection in a matter of hours, not days!
Most epoxy garage floor treatments take at least 3 days to properly set, and after all of that waiting, the end result is often underwhelming. When rushed, epoxy is more likely to flake off and peel, but it can be tough to find a safe spot for all of your leisure and seasonal equipment, your car, and your tools while you wait for epoxy coatings to set, one layer at a time.
Not only do Global Garage’s patented polyaspartic garage floor treatments outperform any epoxy, polyurethane, or acrylic coating you will find on the market, but they are installed much faster, too. Whether you choose our Metallic, Chip, Quartz, Stains, or Solids, you can expect most installations to be finished within a single day. Drive on your new floors within hours rather than days, without any risk of hot-tire pick-up!
If you are interested in learning more about our single-day polyaspartic installation, or would like to browse through a selection of different garage floor finishing options, visit to learn more!

As one of the premier garage refinishing and coating companies in North America, Global Garage Flooring® and Design through its network of operators, offers complete garage finishing solutions from custom industrial strength concrete floor coatings to an exclusive offering of top of the line powder coated wood cabinetry. A secondary component of our business entails a focus on commercial and industrial flooring applications. The unique characteristics of the coating systems we employ are ideal for applications requiring resistance to heavy foot or vehicle traffic. Our patented Global Garage® One-Day floor coating systems can be applied all year round, exhibit excellent color and gloss retention, and are 3x stronger than conventional Epoxy and Urethane coating systems. Global Garage® polyaspartic flooring systems offer the highest quality available on the market today and come in a wide variety of solid colors and simulated granite paint chip or “fleck” finishes. We pride ourselves on exclusively offering only the best products available at the most reasonable prices. Our products have been installed on thousands of applications throughout North America, and have been extensively tested to certify their outstanding performance. “Rediscover Your Garage!”