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It is a heavy duty polymer that can be applied on almost any surface ranging from concrete floors, water tanks and costly industrial tools. It is long lasting and durable due to its naturally occurring properties. It has chemicals that enable joining together of tough materials. Manufacturers mostly buy it in bulk quantities. A protective polymer provides a long lasting coating to safeguard against corrosive substances such as alkali bases, water and other toxic chemicals. It is applied for both repairing and maintaining concrete surfaces in warehouses, industrial plants and manufacturing centers. It has the capability of withstanding tough effects and heavy traffic, as well as, providing resistance to strong and abrasive solvents, cleaners and acids. Epoxies are practical and can also be decorative for a good finish. They can be applied to both outdoor and indoor surfaces.

These coatings are used to provide an attractive finish without incurring extra huge costs, protect new floors, and increase durability of those floor surfaces. Due to sanitary yet slide-proof qualities, they are usually used in industries and heavy duty needs in manufacturing plants. Industrial epoxies increase floor reflectivity by about three hundred percent, which is important in reduction of both cost and energy of additional lighting facilities. Also, it makes the workplace well lit providing a comfortable and friendly workplace. Since the coating establishes a dust free and healthy atmosphere, the employees are motivated to be more productive. Epoxies are environmentally friendly because their level of toxicity is almost zero. Their components have very low chemical emissions and therefore they are favorable for people who care about the environment. They are designed to withstand tough stains that are difficult to remove as well as to endure tough environmental conditions. For concrete floors with trench drain capacity, epoxy flooring which exceed guidelines set by the EPA, USDA and FDA are also available.

Iron drain setting is the most appropriate for industrial application since iron can withstand heavy industrial traffic. They perform as expected and are free from defects. Installation of epoxies should be carried out by certified contractors at a fair and reasonable price. The contractor should deliver the installation services within the specified time frame. It is important to determine the surfaces requiring repair and installation of these products before undertaking the actual process. Factors such as flooring style, cleaning frequency, durability expectation and degree of exposure to fluids should be considered before actual installation.

High quality epoxies can be used in the building basement. They are also used in industrial equipment applications to make castings, laminates, utility fixtures and master diagrams. The polymer technology replaces the traditional items and improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the modern equipment. They are usually more costly than polyester and vinyl resins but provide stronger high-heat resistant components. Epoxy floors development and application has proven to be a great success. It provides protection for your valuable assets while saving money in the long run. There are a variety of epoxies available in the market that the industries can easily find to suit their needs.

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