Mass Media As An Effective Tool For Educating Today?s Kids

Mass communication literally means the dissemination of information, knowledge, thoughts, attitudes and belief to every people in a particular geographical location. The mass media that includes radio, television, cinema, internet, newspapers, magazines etc. play a great influence in our day to day life. It has now become impossible to imagine our life without these media. Mass media also includes traditional media forms like puppetry, jatra, kirtan, local meetings as well as inter-personal media like posts and telegraphs, teleprinters, and telephones.

Mass media makes us aware of the latest world trends, world happenings, gives us knowledge about different places, cultures, people and different languages. It is an Inter-personal communication medium that facilitates the cultural exchange and information among individuals, groups and institutions.

In recent years, the use of computer has had far reaching effect on education and communication. Now computer education has become compulsory in primary schools so that children can benefit from it. Now children can do their homework by using their internet from their homes.

There are a host of schools that have developed their own sites and information distribution system through which students can easily access information. After the independence in India, Radio was the prime medium of disseminating information to the mass populace. Gradually, this medium was replaced by the television. More and more people started adopting the TV as a potent medium because it had both the audio and visual expertise. The film also became a popular mass medium during the 70’s. A host of films related to the social issues and dealing with some crucial matters also appeared during this period.

The elite section of the country, on the other hand, supported the newspapers because they cost less as compared to the other forms of mass media. But newspapers have recurring expenses. In the recent time, the computer has become a potent tool for educating people and more so the coming of the Internet. Right from accessing information about the history of the world to searching about the holiday resorts, from ordering the pizza to fixing appointment with doctor, everything can be done now just with the click of a button. The Internet and the World Wide Web have made the world a global village. These are perceived by many as the most advanced equipment of disseminating information.

The modern day schools encourage the use of technically sound devices like projectors, DVDs, 3D images, smart boards to facilitate high stand education. The world is becoming so composite and competitive, that schools need these devices to make children to survive in the world of struggle for existence and the survival of the fittest. Peer-to-peer education, where students learn and teach others, have proved to be highly effective, confidence-building, wide-reaching, and character-building rather than imparting mere knowledge crammed for an exam and then unable to be recalled.  Mass Media has a key role in education: perhaps that is its most important function due to the wide-reaching and everlasting social implications it results in. With no other ‘section of the Media’ is it possible to obtain wide span coverage of almost unlimited study fields reaching numerous  people.

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