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What does your home look like? Most homeowners would say that they love their homes and that  they are quite livable and pretty. That might be true for you, but how about other people?


What do other people actually see when they look at your property? Often, the worst evaluators are the homeowners themselves because they all have selective memory.


They don’t want to see the flaws of their houses, as if this will help them sell the house at a higher price. So this is your first challenge as an aspiring home stager: see your home for what it really is.

The market is very competitive with more sellers than buyers. This results in longer listing periods and frustrated sellers having to wait for longer periods to get their homes sold.

Buyers have more options and can afford to take their time and be more demanding about what they buy.

So, as a seller how do you get your home sold quicker and also at the right price? The best course of action is to make your home more attractive than your competitors. Give buyers a compelling reason to choose your home over the multitude of other homes on the market. Motivate them to buy your home! Over deliver!

Here are a few simple yet effective Home Staging Design Tips


To get your home sold quicker you can take advantage of some these quick and easy methods to ‘refresh’ your own property before putting it on the market which will help significantly:


When a potential buyer comes into your house, we want them to imagine what it would be like to live in your house. We want the potential buyer to want to live in your house right at that moment


Remove your personal mementos because you want people to fully imagine themselves living in the various spaces of your home. Your identity as the home owner will detract from this.


You can stage the house gradually over a period of time or you can do it in just one fell swoop. Home staging typically involves the following steps:


Thorough cleaning of the property


Removing the clutter from the house


Repairing what needs to be repaired, inside and out


They say paint covers a multitude of imperfections. A coat of paint both inside and out will do wonders for your home and make it look new and fresh. Be sure to choose your colors carefully, you want to use only neutral colors when repainting your home. These give the home a broader appeal to your target market.


Second to walls the next thing that buyers notice the most is flooring. This is a window into the amount of care the home owner has taken of the property over the years. Worn or dirty carpets, scratched hardwood or broken tiles will definitely devalue the property in the buyers mind. Great care must be taken to repair broken tiles, and if your carpets are old and musty, you can invest in new carpets.

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