The Benefits of Outdoor education, Training and Recreation

Article by Ricky Clarke

The Benefits of Outdoor education, Training and Recreation – Outdoors

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Outdoor education, training and recreation activities fosters active learning through personal and direct experiences to offer adventurous, exciting and fun experiences within the accepted realms of safety.

The process of active learning in this context can take place in a variety of different environments. These outdoor activities know no age limit and both young and old can participate in the wide range of suitable age-appropriate activities. These will include outdoor adventures that have an impact on the environment. It could also include techniques such as skill based learning, team building, problem solving and involvement in self reliance ventures and activities.

Young people will end to be more engrossed in outdoor activities which are more physical in nature. Physical activities have the potential of being a major factor in how they develop convictions about intellectual, spiritual, social, and the physical world around them.

The use of nature as an educational tool makes great strides in the achievement of both physical and environmental education, in addition to enhancing many other curriculum areas. It also greatly contributes in the individual growth, creates both social and global awareness, and enhances skills that are useful in ones life and the work that one undertakes as an adult. Another quality that is frequently developed is a sense of personal responsibility, which gives a new purpose to one