The Need for Continuing Education to Get Ahead?

Article by Chris Rudolph

You have heard of all the promises that your guidance counselors and teachers have made speaking about what will happen once you get a college education. The way they make it seem, cash will be falling at your feet and you will achieve all of your fantastic dreams.

Is that an exaggeration? Sure, of course it is. However, you will find more happiness and achieve more of your life and financial goals if you go for continuing education than if you simply start in the job market after you graduate from high school. For starters, your overall life earnings increase dramatically after you graduate with a college degree. High school diplomas barely mean anything anymore and your chances of rising the ranks within good companies are severely curtailed if that is all you have.

Bachelor’s degrees are the least amount of continuing education you will need to really compete in the working world. You will make a ton more money and have more job opportunities than with only a high school diploma. But the issue now is that more and more people have Bachelor’s degrees and they are becoming increasingly like High School Diplomas. To really get ahead and find the jobs with the best responsibilities and pay, you must have continuing education that goes beyond the four year degree. Instead, you must earn a Master’s degree.

A Master’s degree shows that you are committed to not only going for better jobs, but that you are motivated enough to keep going to school when it really isn’t needed anymore. Master’s degree are especially helpful in fields where it can distinguish you from the crowd and show company hiring managers that you are wanting to go the extra mile and distance yourself from the pack. Master’s degrees are great continuing education tools because you gain very specialized knowledge in your chosen field and become an expert in your field.

If you don’t want to pursue a Master’s degree after your Bachelor’s degree, think about continuing education in a certificate program. Many college offer certificates in a large variety of specializations like web design, graphic design, marketing and management. Make sure you continue something that really interests you when you decide to continue your education. You will be more likely to stick with it and actually retain the information that you learn in your coursework.

Money is also an important issue when deciding if continuing education is right for you. If you know that what you are studying will help you in your job and help you increase your pay, it is worth the time and effort you put in to studying and going for the gold.

Just remember, continuing education is worth it when you make it worthwhile for yourself. Follow your heart and the money will follow and you will be happier with your lot in life and your career in the end. Do not let anyone else decide what you should study. You only have one life, live the best one that you deserve. Continuing education can be your ticket!

Chris Rudolph is a blogger working in the health and social care industry. Find out more about health & social care qualifications at his health and social care NVQ blog.

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