A Pivot Point Education Takes You to a Higher Level of Artistry

Article by Dotty Zukoff

“A license doesn’t earn a living, but an education does.”James Federico, Founder of Federico Beauty Institute

How would you like to spend your down time at work flipping through fashion and celebrity magazines without upsetting your manager? As a licensed Cosmetologist, in between appointments, you’ll be expected to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in hair styles and fashion to make the best, most stylish choices for your clients. If you love being creative and transforming hair into an art form, then Cosmetology is your dream career.

Hair Trends 2009Throughout 2008, haircuts got shorter, according to fashionising.com, a fashion community and social network for people who love fashion, including people in the fashion industry,. There was the bob hair trend, the pixie-crop and several other styles in between. Trendy hairstyles for 2009 include the short and light bob and the short boy-cut.

Although the bob haircut is still in fashion in 2009; it’s just not as unique. So, for 2009, fashion-forward women are faced with a predicament: keep the bobs…or to stand out… cut their hair even shorter or let it grow.

State-of-the-Art Cosmetology EducationYolly ten Koppel, International Artistic Director for Pivot Point International is responsible for having her finger on the pulse of fashion every day. Says ten Koppel, “This is the best profession because it is innovative and never dull. We hair designers need to interpret clothing trends and lifestyles into our hair designs. Clients expect you, as a hair designer, to know what’s fashionable. They don’t want a cookie-cutter haircut, but one that’s trendy and customized to their individual lifestyle.” ten Koppel urges Cosmetology students to absorb trends around them.

Federico students were able to meet ten Koppel in person in September 2008 when she gave an Advanced Haircutting Workshop at the beauty school’s Sacramento campus. Only Federico students who completed and passed hair sculpting class were qualified to take the workshop.

Ten Koppel, recipient of the Coiffure award and three-time winner of the U.S. Educator of the year award, is one of Pivot Point’s most recognized ambassadors at industry shows. She teaches and trains hair designers and educators, from entry-level to professional status.

Pivot Point International was founded in 1962 by Leo Passage and is the industry’s most recognized provider of educational tools and design resources. Federico Beauty Institute is one of 2,000 Pivot Point Member Schools located in 70 countries. More than 50,000 cosmetologists graduate world wide each year trained in the Pivot Point system of education.

Leo Passage is credited with changing the concepts behind cosmetology education and shattering the myth that successful hair designers must be born with an artistic ability. According to Passage, artistic talent is developed, not innate.

Pivot Point teaches the “why” — the freedom to create — not just the “how” – the technical skills. Pivot Point Member Schools train students to elevate their technical skills to a higher level of artistic creativity. A Pivot Point education teaches students to see, think, create and adapt as a designer – not just duplicate the latest fashion trends, but to be the innovator of these trends.

Setting the standard in beauty education, Pivot Point has launched many to the top of the hair and beauty field, including:• Dean Banowetz – head stylist for American Idol• David Raccuglia – founder of American Crew hair products for men• Christine Schuster – senior vice president, Redken• Andre Walker – five-time Emmy winner and personal stylist to Oprah

The talent, knowledge and skills gained from the Pivot Point education provided by Federico Beauty Institute will open a variety of exciting beauty career opportunities whether it’s working in a top salon, running your own business, competing on the international circuit or heading toward the fashion stage.

ABOUT FEDERICO BEAUTY INSTITUTEFederico Beauty Institute is a third-generation, family-owned and operated beauty school that continues its 60-year commitment to educating cosmetology and esthetics students. Their mission is to hold the highest standards to produce future leaders of the beauty industry. Federico’s educator staff is comprised of professional tenured educators who vow to motivate and mentor students to be the best they can be as beauty professionals. They teach methodology as well as hands-on training, and stay on top of industry trends and changes through constant continuing education. For more information, visit http://www.federico.edu.

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