School Jingxian pirated book “Li Gui,” So is the school create

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Press in March supplementary educational books recently published, in April the school appeared in pirated books. Press multi heard the news the military, all the way to trace the manufacturer of pirated teaching, tutoring, genuine “Li Kui” playing pirated “Li Gui.” May 5, culture, law enforcement corps in Shenyang City and Liaoning Province, the joint anti-pornography law enforcement office, the false teaching, tutoring, secondary school was seized in the Shen East, so all accidents that leave behind materials, “Li Gui,” actually was the school themselves. “Li Kui” newborn, “Li Gui,” the appearanceIn March this year, in order to meet the test, Liaoning People’s Publishing House published a “test 168 in 2010” series of books, covering all the subjects in the examination tests. Can book just released this year, shortly after receiving the staff reflect Press, Shenyang East Middle School to send the two children “in the exam 168” is pirated, as part of the book title Print Not clear, the children are very difficult to use them. Get this information, publishing the relevant circumstances the relevant complaints. At 11 o’clock on the May 5 or so, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, culture and anti-pornography law enforcement corps came to office in xiaoheyan Road, Shen Tung Secondary School No. 116, Department of the initial three years. Piracy “Li Gui,” was originally a school create In the first three yearsDepartment office, law enforcement officers presented to the leaders of the school-related cases, two of pirated material was placed in the teacher’s desk. At this point, a surprise happened, Shen Dong middle school three days of teaching primary Renlong Min face downcast, he kept give one’s word: “I know, I admit it, these materials are a person I get, I am willing to take all responsibility! ” Long Min, director, said privately to all schools a total of three students made a two-piracy “in the exam 168”, an ideological and moral (pirated books printed in “politics”), one is history. The reporters found that both the poor quality of teaching, tutoring, printing, paper and yellow, and many simply can not tell in image title graphic outline, but the book there are a lot of dark shadows. Press, a staff member told reporters, “Shadow” is a genuine book publishers in particular the use of anti-counterfeiting measures, genuine book, focusing on the text below the title will be lined with shadow, have prompted the role, but does not affect the reading; the fake book printing technology is poor, mere copycat, but the shadow of the substrate affects the clarity of the text. Law enforcement officers asked the source of these pirated books printed, Long Min, director vague rhetoric, even to say “I do not know.” As for why not to buy genuine teaching, tutoring, Long Min, director explained that the cost of pirated books are cheap, one of the cost only 3 yuan. Long Min said that the two books have not received the money of students. But the university told students, the school recently received 60 dollars printing costs, the cost of two books should be included. “Li Gui,” nameless, the students namedAt the request of law enforcement officers, Shen Dong withdrew secondary school 481 middle school students of pirated teaching, tutoring. Noon after school, each class students have the book sent to the Ministry a year, after inventory, ideological and moral recovery of the 371 teaching, tutoring, history book withdrawn 377. Shenyang culture of law enforcement law enforcement II Corps battalion Rendong Hui told reporters: “Journal of Liaoning People’s Publishing House East Middle School arrested for pirated books, the basic facts clear, according to the laws, all the pirated material will be confiscated, Shen East Middle School School leaders must be within one week to the city law enforcement corps under investigation. ” Up the collection of all the fake “unknown” materials, the reporter in the cover of a book found in a student’s graffiti, clearly marked above the pen: “SHEN East Middle School Journal,” “price 10 yuan “” Dear Readers, Thank you for using this material, I hope you are admitted to good schools! ” Liaoning People’s Publishing House an official told reporters, publishers will find a lot of piracy each year teaching, tutoring, books, in recent years, individual schools also joined the ranks of the pirates, the private printing fake formal publication. Press this is a headache, due to poor evidence collection, the school can not be held responsible, I hope this incident will give the school’s publicity department do the same thing.

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