Analytical Essay

An essay is any form of short writing that is mostly used in scholarly writing and it is meant for both summative and informal student evaluation. There are various types of essays depending on how they approach and handle the subject under their discussion. In this literary work the analytical essay is highlighted as a form of essay used in the analysis of object or subject. An analytical essay is written as guide to help the reader get better understanding of any particular object, person or subject. There are various objects that can form the subject of any analytical essay. These may include a piece of scholarly writing, an event or an individual in society. No matter the subject under highlight in the analytical essay, the most important factor in the writing of an analytical essay involves the division of aspects of the object or subject under highlight in to the constituent components. This does not mean literary dividing the object or subject, but rather the act of taking time to describe and analyze each of its constituent components at a time. These sub-divisions are thereafter divided and analyzed under various aspects separately in relation to the whole object or subject under highlight in the analytical essay.
An example would be the act of writing an analytical essay about an individuals life. Prior to the writing of such an analytical essay, the writer would divide the persons life in to various sections that will be highlighted in a sequential manner. These sub-divisions may include adult years, teenage years, childhood years and early childhood years. If the writer is for example writing about an antique piece of sculpture, then s/he may have to write about its impact and significance on the early days of art during which it was carved as well as how it influences the current art world. If the analysis is based literary work such as a book, the writer may divide and analyze each section of a book differently. Later, the writer may have to explain the general message held within the literary work. The next important step in the writing of an analytical essay involves the piecing up of these components that were covered differently into one piece by connecting them and drawing relations between them in order to make up the whole object or subject that is analyzed within the analytical essay. While drafting an analytical essay the writer should piece the points gathered from all sub-divisions and try to piece them together in a manner that makes a unified object or subject that can later be easily described as per its component units.
After a complete analysis of the various parts and an integration of these constituent parts into one analysis, the writer should develop a thesis statement. This statement should briefly and concisely express the major point of the whole essay in either one or two sentences. The thesis statement should be placed after the introductory paragraph or as the last sentence of the introduction paragraph. The statement should be supported by any other material written within the essay, and as such the whole analytical essays content should revolve around the thesis statement.
Once you have completely analyzed the item, you need to develop a thesis. The thesis statement is the one sentence that expresses the main idea of the entire essay. As such, everything else you write in your analytical essay will serve to support your thesis. The thesis should be included in the first paragraph of your essay, which is referred to as the introductory paragraph.
The body of your analytical essay should tell the reader all of the facts or evidence that you have gathered in support of your thesis. Each of the paragraphs in the body of your essay should include a topic sentence, which serves to support the thesis, as well as additional sentences that further support the topic sentence.
Finally, your analytical essay should end with a conclusion paragraph. This paragraph restates your thesis statement, though it must be written in a way that is different from in the introductory paragraph. In addition, the conclusion serves to summarize what was stated in the body of your essay.
The analytical research work is a review of a topic, text, or book is the same as an analysis with often taking an argument in a text and stating why the writer of the essay feels the way he/she does about the reading of the text. A purpose of an analytical essay is to read the material and then analyze or give your response to your reading. The writer collects the information that is central to the argument that she/he plans to give on the reading. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the material? The writer uses the evidence and assumptions to support his/her analysis of the text. An analytical essay of a book, text, or topic will usually begin with a summary of the original material. It will then take the audience to the claim of the writer about the topic, text, or book and then give evidence for the argument.

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