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Definition essays are commonly written by first and second college students to help in outlining various terms in their courses. There are different forms of definition essays. In this case if the writer is reengaging in a historical essay he is poised to discuss the meanings that the world has used over time, a subjective definition essay will be focused on persuading the reader to agree with the opinions and expressions of the writer while an objective defining essay will focus on the terms used and their real definition. A definition essay should be focused on defining terms and in most cases an essay focuses on a certain technical term. A defining essay is formatted into introduction, body and conclusion


The first sentence of the introduction should provide the term that is being defined.

It should further give general information on what is expected on the rest of the paper. In this case the writer gives a brief explanation of the term that is being defined including a slight outline of methods to be used. A thesis statement is given as the last sentence of the introduction to provide the reader with the exact term to be defined and various methods to be used by the writer. Thesis statement of a defining essay should not exceed one page therefore it is paramount to draft a thesis statement that is precise and short.

The body is organized into paragraphs which, are supposed to be written in accordance to the methods that are used. It is advisable to organize the paragraphs in such a way that each paragraph accounts for one method of definition.

In order for the writer to stamp authority on the work that he has written it is paramount that as he provides the methods to always give supporting evidence. In this case the writer cites examples to support the method which has being used in term elaboration. The methods of definition further should not overflow from what has being cited in the thesis. In this regard, the methods that are used should commensurate with the ones that have formed the thesis statement at the introduction.

When arranging the body paragraphs always focus on the methods to determine the methods that are supposed to appear in the first body paragraphs and the order that they shall follow. It would be suicidal to haphazardly focus on methods without putting into considerations the way the definitions are given because the essay would lose meaning and the reader may not trace the links of the methods that have been used.

In addition technical words should be avoided when writing a definition essay to avoid instances of giving room of other definitions in the course of the essay. Further the issue of correct grammar and strict adherence to the instructions provided by the instructor should not be compromised.


In the conclusion of definition essay the writer is supposed to give a summary of the main points and further provide a restatement of the thesis. The conclusion should also unveil the reason of the writer giving information of the definitions. In this case, the writer should clearly state how the information will help the audience in the course. He should also be able to account for the reason why the methods are more prudent compared to other possible methods of definition.


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