Argumentative Essay

The main reason for writing an argumentative essay is to make person disagreeing to agree with what you are talking about .Writing an argumentative essay we have to think on the ideas that conflict or oppose one another. The ideas should be have a back up ideas according to the length of essay you want to write. The logical reason on the augmentative essay require a strong believe on something or reaction against something with a lot of convincing ideas. The argumentative essays have three parts. The three parts are the introduction the body and the conclusion. The ideas on writing the argumentative essay one can get from the internet, research books, educated people, friends etc.

The point to be used during the essay should be written down with the supportive statement or reasons. The topic will cover the basic points of the arguments.

The tone used in the argumentative assay is always a demanding tone. This is because each person arguing wants his points to be taken in. The essay needs one to write basing on the face to face real life arguments. The point to be presented should be able to make the opponent to be on the same side. You have to brain storm for ideas that is not based on emotions.

The topic of the essay should be narrowed to help in finding specific requirements in terms of research. The narrowing down to become a theory will help in elaborating and exploring the views. In the start of the of the argument essay you give the description of the topic of the story, the thesis (flow of the story) and the background information. The position you will be in controversial should be written on your thesis statement.

The three consideration on choosing the right topic is, the topic must be arguable-this means it has to have an opposing side, the topic must be relevant even if it a long time and contemporary according to people believe and the topic must have an impact to you.

The body section of the argumentative essay it needed to have the main reason of argument. The reason for argument should be stated out from both the sides. These points should be the strong points of your issue. The points should be presented one after the other with appropriate evidence for support. When writing the argument the main tips are, think of proper evidence, plan your how to defend yourself, avoid arousing emotions etc. The sentences that create the topic should relevant to the thesis and what the argument is all about. When writing we need not to avoid controversies. If you have supportive argument to add to the opponent but remember to back I up. Don’t use any abusive or opinions language but use the facts.

With the conclusion the writer is required to go back to the first point of the writer arguments. This will make the reader have a flash back on starting point. We have to prove read our work at the end of the story. We need to make sure what we put across is correct and the reader will read without straining.

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