Why Write Essays

Essay writing is not a very enjoyable activity for many students and yet they have to for academic success. The question why we write essays has a different meaning for everyone. Some do it because they have to in order to be successful academically. Some may write essays because of sheer enjoyment. The word ‘enjoyment’ may sound a bit odd here but there are people who really enjoy writing, exploring and doing research on various topics. They just love writing as it may be something that gives them pleasure and personal satisfaction. Some people may write essays to earn money. There are many people these days who earn their living through writing on the internet. The internet is full of such online websites comprising of ghost essay writers who write to make money. From the academic point of view essay writing is an important aspect for survival and growth.

It has to be done even if it is detested by students at any cost to be successful.

You can write essays so that you can hone your writing skills which are important as writing is something that is useful in most of the fields one pursues. It can help an employee write effective business letters, memos and monthly progress reports. Therefore there is no point in avoiding writing essays. As it is so important why not embrace it whole heartedly and improve it.

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