How to design and remodel your bathrooms?


Bathrooms can be designed or remodeled in many ways depending on your budget. You can build a high end bathroom which are can cost tens of thousands of pounds and low end bathrooms which can fit into your budget. Basically there are four main components which should be considered in bathroom design; they are bath, showers, sink, and toilet. Other than these three main components we can also install other components like luxury showers, designer towel warmers, massaging tubs and many more. These decorative components can be endless. These type of decorative products are made from variety of different products with different prices, they can be a custom-made products depending on there costs.In any type of bathroom designs we must consider some basic requirements which apply no matter what material and cost you consider. The basic design requirements are line, form, scale, pattern, texture and colour. The direction of the lines of the bathroom help create the sense of the room that is desired. Horizontal lines emphasize serenity and give a more contemporary feel to a room. Strong vertical lines emphasize formality and a traditional style. The principle of form relates to the shape and structure of the components in the design, and this includes not only shape but size. Scape is an issue of relative size among the various elements in the room. Pattern refers to repeated shapes and regularity. Texture refers to the visual and tactile surface of all the materials used. Color is a powerful design element that can transform a space and give it much of its characterBathtubs are must in any type of bathrooms our country. Generally bathtubs come in many shapes and sizes depending on your budget. The basic types of bathroom tubs are conventional tubs, receptor tubs, drop-in tubs, conventional tubes with integral & surrounds and the hydromassage tubs. Basic conventional tub comes with different sizes, the common size in 4-1/2 and 5-1/2 foot length, 28 to 32 inches wide and 14-16 inches in height. Bathroom toilets are available in huge range, varieties & and colours. In the toilet installation there are four basic operating system and four basic construction types to be considered; they are wall-hung model, floor-mount model, round front model and elongated model. Toilets with a tank mounted directly on the back of the bowl, free of the wall, is a close-coupled toilet, with the water connection between the two parts in the shape of a cone-shaped gasket. One-piece toilets are made with tank and bowl in one unit. These are usually more expensive because of a greater complexity in operating process. The flush-valve design is used primarily for commercial installations but can be installed in the home. They have no tanks but use direct water pressure for their flushing action.Basins or sinks or lavatories are the other common names for bathroom basins. Basically bathroom sinks come in two popular construction types; they are wall-hung basins and pedestal basins. They come in different sizes, colours, designs and they are built using different materials like molded plastic, marble, glass etc.The fourth most important component in any bathroom is the showers. Without any shower the bathroom can’t be completed. There are huge ranges of showers depending on your requirements. The most popular one is the electric shower; it heats up the water instantly when the cold water flows into the shower. These types of showers are useful for the houses which don’t have bigger heating boilers. The second popular showers are mixer showers. Mixer showers use both hot water and cold water from the separate tanks and mixes them and produces the warm water according to your requirements. And the other popular shower types are shower towers; they are built up using the combination of body jet showers and shower heads. They are basically a mixture of types of showers.The above send products cost in different prices depending on sizes, quality and types. They can be purchased in any physical stores near by your house or you can buy them online. There are many websites which sell the complete range of bathroom products. One such website is Plumb Traders supplies huge range of bathroom products ranging from electric showers, mixer showers, shower towers, bath screens, shower trays, shower doors and shower enclosures. To know more about the their prices please visit



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